Your blog is the best tool to become an expert in your client’s mind

In line with content marketing, one of its channels is through writing blogs. At first, when you heart about blogs, you was likely thinking about it as a personal diary. But blogs have now evolved and it is now taken into a whole new level especially in marketing and advertising.

Nowadays, business owners are hiring content writers to be able to improve, enhance and increase their fan base. With the amazing effects of search engine optimizations and social media advertising, many are trying to cut through a stiff competition when it comes to a certain product. And just like the others, you create a blog to help you stand out among them.

But what difference does it make? Blogging is another way of communicating with your clients or potential clients. People are now internet savvy and when they have a question, they turn to Google to find the answers. Now for example, you have successfully done what is right in order to put your site/ blog on the top of Google’s list. They would look for more answers. You can blog your answers by creating a question and answer or frequently asked questions sort of articles, or maybe even a how-to guide. This will enable them to think that you exactly know what you are saying and might be convinced to buy your product or service. I have read so many blogs and bloggers are trying to find ways or experimenting to be able to catch anyone’s attention and perhaps for their blog to go viral and spread the word. There are others who would send samples to bloggers and have them provide an honest review of their product in exchange for the freebies. That is one way of content marketing.

Benefits of a blog for your business:

A blog is one way for you to communicate and reach out to a wider market. Blogs also drive traffic into your website because when a blog seems to poke their attention and somehow provide relevant answers to all of their questions, it is likely for them to click into buying your products. When your blog provides reliable and relevant content, then it is likely for you to attract audience because you are becoming an expert in your clients mind when it comes to information related with your product. You will be able to explain them the benefits which your readers or potential customers can be able to grasp fully and this will lead to trust, and when consumers trust your brand, this will then generate sales.

Another benefit of blogging for your business is that you become their knowledge base or you have created and established authority. Consistently creating blogs with relevant contents will be helpful to your existing and new customers.

Blogging will also benefit your business because some blogs will enable your viewers to leave comments, and hopefully not spam. This will increase your interaction with them and have them experience excellent customer service. They can provide insight as to where your product can improve on and sometimes appreciate the product that they have used (which is self-gratifying for you and your brand.) This is essential because it is like you are being sympathetic to your customers and putting yourself into their shoes which is a good point for constructive criticism.

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