Why you should hire a Spanish freelance writer

need a Spanish text? dont ask your friend respect the language
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It’s tempting. You need some Spanish content written for a brochure, advertisement or even a quick article. So you think, “Why not ask my colleague, José, to do it? He’s from Spain” Or even worse, “Maybe Steve could do it; he spent a semester in Barcelona”. They’re right there in the office, easy to ask and easy to wrap into helping you out. However, you’d be much better off hiring a Spanish freelance writer.

Why hiring a Spanish freelance copywriter is better idea than using your in house Spanish speaker

Expertise writing in Spanish:

Hiring a reputable Spanish freelance copywriter will save you headaches. A Spanish freelance writer has experience writing professionally and may have also completed studies related to writing. In addition:

  • They dominate the Spanish language You won’t run into grammar or spelling mistakes that could make the content you’d like written seem unprofessional. They’ll create original content that is readable and fluent. So many websites and Spanish resources are bad translations of content that was originally written in English. By hiring a skilled Spanish writer, you’ll avoid this problem. It’s unlikely that you’ll get this level of expertise from your colleagues. Beware especially of the non-native Spanish speaker. Although they might have near-native levels, they are likely to make some small mistakes that your native-speaking audience will definitely pick up on.
  • Your freelancer will also be able to assist you in areas such as use of keywords for improved search engine optimization. This is now standard for most freelance writers and essential for assuring your content is seen by your intended audience. With their expertise, a freelancer can also help with additional tasks such as suggesting topics for blogs and articles, providing images (or help you find someone who can) or proofreading work.
  • All of these characteristics add up to a professional, meaning you’ll have much more support than you would from your colleagues. This is not to say that your colleagues couldn’t do it – it’s just that in most cases, their forte is not writing content in Spanish. Hiring someone experienced in writing will give you high-quality, interesting content.


Although your nearby Spanish-speaking colleague is hard to beat for convenience; with the internet, you won’t even have to leave your desk to hire a Spanish-speaking freelancer. Through websites such as Upwork, Writtent, etc., freelancers are easier to find than ever before. Many sites even help you sort through your prospective Spanish freelance writers by providing quality ratings. This will give you assurance that your freelance writer produces excellent work.


Your colleague may do the job in interest of maintaining a pleasant working relationship – but with pressure to complete day to day responsibilities, it’s unlikely he’ll give it the priority and dedication the project deserves. A Spanish freelance writer is highly motivated to treat your project carefully. This means he/she will even help you with a revision or two when necessary and turn in quality work so as to ensure that you will consider hiring him/her again.


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