Why is important to have a content writer into your marketing plan?

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Content marketing is a form of marketing which enables you to provide in-depth and valuable information which could attract new customers and retain the old ones. An orthodox form of marketing involves flyers and leaflets which could sound very mechanical or sometimes boring because it only discusses the main benefit which is just simply for advertising purposes. In the day and age of internet and multimedia, marketing has evolved entirely. The term content marketing is coined as early as 1996. This is used to build trust within the customers and your brand. Having a content writer is deemed to be useful because it has been proven to generate more sales. Especially during your first 2 years in the business, the possibility of gaining profit is difficult because you are yet to build your customer base. In content marketing, especially in e-commerce, this will take your business to a whole new level.

How does content marketing work?

Content marketing uses articles, blogs, social media, news and videos and e-books as its avenue. For example, when you hire a content writer to write an article for your website and readers found it enjoyable then they are more likely to share it to their friends. This is more of the “word of mouth” internet form of advertising. Your brand will get more exposure without having to pay that much money compared to running a television or newspaper ad, to put it simply – it cuts costs. It also gives your customer value, because content marketing such as blogs is something that reveals your sympathetic side making it more personal rather than corporate sounding. You will be able to build trust and rapport between your customers because they are reading something that is more from a personal point of view, rather than them looking at business perspective. This method will also lead you to generate more sales efficiently and reach unexpected target market because your reach has expanded through the course of social media and SEOs. When your customers are interested into buying something, they tend to ask more questions. With content marketing, you will be able to answer these queries and questions will eventually lead and be converted to sales. I was once told by my superior from my previous sales job that a client tends to ask because they are interested into getting your product and wanted some answers. If you are only able to answer them correctly without confusing them, then you will be able to convert those into sales. Content marketing are pretty straight forward. It is only the matter of how you write it to be able to attract more customers and gain net profit. It is also universal and fluid because content marketing works well with any type of industry. By providing customer with relevant information through your articles or blog, that is already called content marketing! Not only that, with blogs and articles that readers can leave comments, you will be able to provide them with an excellent customer service and having that for an experience as a customer will truly make me loyal to your business.

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