Why Copywriting is Important in An Advertisement

On July 1, 1941, the first U.S. paid television advertisement aired on New York station WNBT (later WNBC). On August 28, 19221, the WEAF (now WFAN) in New York aired its first paid radio commercial for the Queensboro Corporation, advertising a new apartment complex in Jackson Heights, Queens.

The history of advertisement is approximately hundreds of years old. Millions of online advertisements have been created and displayed, but very few of them met their objectives — some ended up becoming viral memes.

We watch hundreds of advertisements daily, but not all of them intrigue us — forget about selling. Despite the rapid transformation in the advertising industry, one thing remains constant — the power of words, aka copywriting!

Whether you are advertising on Google, radio, social media, or television, copywriting remains the most important part. Let’s find out why.

Copy Connects the Audience with the Brand

‘People buy from people’ is still true. But you have to build connections with the audience. Why should they trust you? Why make your product the best in the market?

If you find any advertisement relatable, that means the copywriter chose the words you use to describe your problem. And the person in the advertisement faced the same problem as you and the product helped him solve it.

Images and videos can catch the attention, but if your words fail to build a connection, your prospects will turn off. That’s why the selection of words matters; you make your prospect feel a kinship with the character in the ad.

Copy Tells a Relatable Story

Storytelling is the most useful tool for any copywriter. If you study 6-figure copywriters, they don’t sell but solve problems. However, they have a knack for storytelling; you tell them about your product and create a story.

Usually, such advertisements start with the prospect in agony, unable to find the right solution for his problem. And then, by some fortune, he finds the product you are selling.

Online advertisements use stories to keep the prospect hooked. Usually, copywriters create their stories after deep research — customer reviews, platforms, social media, and by engaging directly with their prospects.

Notice — they won’t ask you to buy the product. They just show how it solves their problem. And ta-da, they have convinced you!

Copy Evoke Emotions

Imagine watching a toothpaste ad.

‘A half-awake man enters the bathroom, puts toothpaste on the brush, and starts brushing his teeth. The ad shows a man using the same toothpaste for 30 days, and his teeth look white and shiny on the 30th day. In the end, the man asks you to buy the same toothpaste for similar results. That’s it.’

Did it connect with you? Did you feel a kinship with the man, even if your teeth are in much worse condition than his? No, nothing. You didn’t feel anything.

Copywriting evokes emotions. You can’t sell people without evoking emotions, telling them how their world would be like when people compliment them over such a beautiful smile.

Copy Creates Angles

Not every time, your prospect would need your product. However, it’s possible that they might need your product in the future. Or possibly, they need your product, but they haven’t realized it now. Copywriting creates angles.

Without copywriting, any advertisement would keep selling. Chances are, some would convert, but upselling would be impossible. You don’t want to sell your product to only those who need it now, but those who will need it in the future.

When you create angles, you create a sense of urgency among your prospects. They feel they are missing out on an opportunity. If they don’t buy from you now, they will suffer — and possibly regret.


  • Copywriting is the basis of every advertisement.
  • Without copywriting, your advertisement won’t connect with your audience.
  • Copywriting evokes emotions; you don’t sell a product but emotions and the benefits of your product.
  • With copywriting, you can sell everyone, not only those who need your product now.

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