What kind of headline a copywriter recommends for you

Headlines and titles are the first thing we read. It is often the deciding factor between continuing to read an entire article or moving on. There are eight basic types of headlines that can be used for copywriting. Each type has its advantages depending on what you’d like to communicate with your audience.

The eight types of headlines and a description of each:

Straightforward Headlines

This sort of headline is to the point and lets the reader know exactly what is being advertised or sold. These headlines are useful for announcing a discount or sale. For example:
“Blue jeans- half price.” There’s no guess work there and consumers are enticed to take advantage of the sale.

Informative Headlines

These headlines may provide news about a product or business. Car companies may use these headlines when presenting a new car in their line. For example “Introducing the new M2” This sort of headline can be used to connect with the reader as well by using relatable information. For example “Introducing: a hamburger that is as big in real life as on the menu” We all know that hamburgers appear larger and juicier and all around better on the menu picture. The headline makes a promise to fulfill the wishes of the consumer by being as big and delicious as it looks in photos.

Headlines that explain how to do something

A great way to intrigue readers and communicate clearly is to start a headline with “How to…” These articles promise advice, solutions and suggestions for the readers. For example “How to increase your earnings this year”

Interrogative Headlines

These headlines as a question. The question should be one that interests the reader and makes him hunger for the answer. A reader needs to be awakened by the question and curious enough to keep reading – so the reader’s needs should be placed above the company’s in this case.

Instructive Headlines

These headlines tell the reader what to do. The headline should start with a verb telling the reader what to do.

Headlines that tell you why

This headline style sets up an article that could list sales features or explain a list of reasons why a product is great. For example “6 reasons why you should hire a Christmas light installer.”

The last two headline types are a bit tougher to use effectively. I’m not a big fan of these headlines because of the complications that arise when using them. Generally, they have less predictable results.

Ambiguous Headlines

These headlines try to draw the reader in by making a point indirectly. These headlines often have a double reading and for the reader to understand, he must read the article. It’s tough to make these headlines effective because it’s hard to tell what will intrigue the reader.

User feedback Headlines

These headlines use a testimonial. Beware, only use real testimonials.

This post is based in the ideas about copywriting and marketing shared by Bob Bly and if you have not enough with his website take a look to his book The Copywriter’s Handbook.

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