What is Conversion Rate Optimization about?

Conversion Rate Optimization is incentivizing the visitors to a web site to do what website owners expect from them. There is a wide range of choices that people can do on a web page like clicking the “want to receive a newsletter” button, downloading a useful app or ordering anything that online interaction can offer nowadays. Though, from a professional point of view, these activities help web page owners to carry out a reliable measurement and take steps to optimize what they are looking for.

In other words, Conversion Rate Optimization means building methodical and precise techniques for a website improvement and functioning. It is internet marketing system that allows raising the percentage of people interested who might be converted into customers and is most commonly referred to as CRO. This process creates an experience for visitors and happens all over the website. It can be on a homepage, a pricing page a blog or any section reached by a hyper link and they all can be optimized. For example, increasing visits-to- leads to a higher rate or leads-to- customer to a higher percentage. CRO is defined by insights, that is, by rational analysis and provided feedback as well as by the distinct aims and goals while doing one`s best to reach them.

Conversion Rate Optimization should not be confused with arbitrary speculation about visitors’ activities. Nor should it be led by the beliefs of the people who earn most. Also, the objective of CRO is not to attract a huge number of users regardless their quality engagement. It is not enough to do SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It is not about more traffic but the right kind of traffic, one that will turn into leads and sales or conversion that will ensure improving results.

When talking about CRO, there are a few notions that should be considered so that one may get accustomed to the concept.

  • CTA-Call to action is what instructs the audience to respond. It is usually marked as “Call now”, “Visit”` or “find out more” on the website. Depending on variety of reasons, these requests may be simple or more demanding like “choose size” or “watch this video”. Read more about what is call to action here.
  • Conversion funnel-It refers to progress of the consumer while searching advertisements on the Internet. This phase helps to define the decrease in numbers occurring at each stage of the process. Read more about conversion funnel here.
  • A/B testing is a method to calculate best strategies for promotions and marketing in business. It includes comparing two variants called “control” and “variation” for the purpose of determining which is the more effective way to encourage customers to make a purchase. Read more about multivariate testing here.
  • MVT-Multivariate Testing is a strategy for testing a hypothesis. This technique implies modification of variables to identify the combination has the best performance of all. For example, a headline and an image can be tested in multiple combinations.
  • Analytics supports with data related to CRO. It offers not only tracking conversion but all the date that lead to it. Its convenience is in the possibility to track data that does not lead to conversion and enables finding what steps need to be changed.

All these steps need to be taken into consideration for optimizing a website to its fullest. The best way is to get started after having identified the objectives and the budget regarding time and money. Once you have that, you may find some of this conversion rate optimization tools useful.

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