Tips for Keeping Website Content Fresh

Tips for Keeping Website Content Fresh
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One of the main concerns for website development and website copywriting is keeping things fresh and interesting for users.  One particularly important point is SEO of websites, which makes features such as blogs mandatory to maintain.  All of this makes for a better experience for users and optimizes the site for the company it represents.  It sounds great, right? Until you’re the one in charge of the upkeep of this fantastically fresh website content. Because it is a real challenge.

Follow these easy tips to keep content fresh:

Tell Your News: One great way to keep your website up to date with fresh, interesting content is to tell the company or business’s news.  What may sound mundane to you may be exciting or interesting for your readers.  Use space on your site to tell about corporate responsibility activities the company is participating in or new products and promotions coming up.  If your company is small, update your news page to inform about new staff who have joined your team.  These are just a few ideas you can use to tell about the activities at your company, involving your customers more and more in the business.

Make Connections: Promotional, biographical or guests posts featuring other leaders in the industry can be effective without creating competition for your own brand.  For example, a business that sells education materials may choose to interview a well-known, successful educator and write an article about them.  The person interviewed can gain publicity by linking the content to their social media, and thus the business also gets additional traffic.  This is a mutually beneficial arrangement that encourages conversation and additional interactions through social media.

Ask the Audience: There are many more methods for companies to communicate with their customer base than in years past.  This can be used to your advantage.  For example, you may begin a discussion about what your customers would like to see on your website or blog.  Customers love to be involved.  If they feel that they are valued for their input and opinions, you will gain their loyalty in addition to the content suggestions.

Use Another Brain: Sometimes a fresh perspective can do wonders for your website.  If the same person is always pressed to update the website, after some time, he or she may run out of ideas.  Asking an unbiased consultant or even someone from a different department to take a look at the website and make suggestions for new content can help greatly.  Even hiring out some of the website copywriting and blog writing can be helpful for a time to give the website a new voice and a unique feel.

So, next time you’re feeling stuck with how to keep your website up to date and interesting, try some of the above suggestions.  Implementing a regular rotation plan of these tips and other regular site upkeep can ensure that your website content will always be fresh and appealing to your readers.

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