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Is your business green? Make it clear in your content marketing strategy
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Living in the 21st century has put certain demands in regard to concerns for environmental protection. Being `green` nowadays means you care about your surrounding and taking actions, is a warrant that you are aware of the relationship between the individuals and nature. Businesses are not exempt from the rule-the more environmentally friendly you are, the more beneficial your business will be and that is why many of them create Corporate Social Responsibility plans. So what can we do to support our business go green?

Avoid using paper as much as possible. This may sound strange, particularly if writing is the target of your job. Though, soon you may find saving paper or replacing it with more suitable options rather convenient and favourable. For example, if you print double-sided, you have double benefit: you will reduce costs not only on paper but on toner as well. Also, try to use scrap paper for notes and message taking. Anyway, you never need to file scribbles you have written during the day unless they are important information. Instead of sending documents by snail mail, deliver them and let recipients decide whether or not they wish to print them. Be economic in a way that you reduce margins so that your printer uses less paper.

Use recycled paper. No doubt it is best to avoid using hard-copies as much as you can, yet in case you have no other possibility you can go for using recycled paper. Paper can be recycled 4-5 times. Not to speak about the advantages regarding the use of less energy, lower carbon emissions and reduction of waste to landfill.  The quality is claimed to be as good as the non-recycled paper which means it is as white and has the same print performance as the former. Also, you can use other products for your office made from recycled materials. Supplies such as all point-pens, markers, cups, hygienic things, technology and furniture all come today with a green label. Put a paper recycling container next to your printer, copier and fax machine so that you can deposit unwanted paper in it and offer it for further recycling.

Promote yourself. A lot of countries currently encourage reducing the environmental impact of businesses. Therefore, it is highly recommended to get informed on oversees regulations to make sure if there are any environmental licences and permits to provide. In Europe various programmes have emerged aiming towards green economy to stop environmental degradation and depletion. Spain is one of the top countries in Europe with eco-oriented companies. The main areas of concern and regulations are environmental responsibility and impact assessment and contaminated land and waste among the others. This is the reason why you should promote your eco-methods because it will differentiate your business from your competitors who still use the traditional consumerism oriented approaches. Moreover, it may attract more customers given that people are becoming more aware of buying products and services that are ecologically approved. If you are making an effort in this area, do not forget to inform your content marketing team, they will let your customers know!

Becoming nature-conscious is highly demanded in the modern era of living. Although it is true that sustainable businesses sometimes require increased expenditures and practicing on the long run, conscientious consumers are concerned about corporate social responsibility and people turn towards businesses that take care of mother Nature.

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