The Untapped Spanish Language Target Audience – What You Need to Know

Although Spanish is one of the top 5 language spoken worldwide, on the web, Spanish’s presence is quite low.  English is the overwhelming language for online content, making up over 50% of websites.  Only about 5% of websites online have Spanish content according to Wikepedia.  Yet, Spanish is the second most spoken language worldwide, above English and just after Chinese.  So, this means that there is a great potential and largely untapped audience waiting to be reached: Spanish speakers.

If you’re looking to create content for this large and important audience, there are some things that you should know about creating content in Spanish:

Variations on Spanish

Although Spanish can be understood across the globe by Spanish speakers, there are some variations.  Mexican Spanish uses different slang and accents from Spanish from Spain.  This is true across the Spanish speaking world.  Each country has its own nuances and different uses of the language.  So when creating content, it’s important to consider the audience you’re hoping to reach.  Creating content using Spanish that’s as universal as possible is the best bet when creating content for this audience.


Spanish speakers come from a variety of countries, both wealthy and developing.  In any case, the internet is becoming more and more commonplace across the globe.  There’s a lot to be gained from reaching readers around the world, and Spanish speakers form a formidable group.  While considering audiences in areas where the internet is just emerging, it’s important to remember that users may not have access to high speed and unrestricted internet. Thus, when creating content and webpages, it’s best to shy away from videos and other factors that may cause the webpage to load slowly.

Regarding format, smartphones are more accessible in these areas than laptops and computers.  Thus, design should also be friendly for smaller gadgets rather than only larger screens.

Make it Useful

Since there is a relatively low amount of content in Spanish compared to the number of Spanish speakers out there, you can really make a difference and compete for the top spots on search engines.  That means there’s a lot of opportunity to reach a lot of readers.  If you create truly quality content in Spanish, with a bit of advertising and work to get exposure, it may quickly become popular.

If you’re convinced that this is the untapped audience you’d like to reach, then you’ll need to do some work to make sure your content is high quality and optimized to reach as many Spanish speakers as possible.  To do so, one of the best things you can do is hire a high-quality content or copywriter.  Be sure that your writer is able to write using universal Spanish so that readers from across the Spanish speaking world will be able to understand and relate to it.

Spanish is an excellent choice when looking to expand your readership or audience for your online website.  With the tips above, you’ll be sure to reach them, giving them high quality content they want to read.

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