The importance of leadership skills in a freelance writing

leadership for freelancers
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When we talk about leadership we often refer to a successful life venture regarding achieving goals and inspiring others on a career path. Leadership is an equally important asset when it comes to freelance writing as you may need to manage a team of other freelancers. In such a situation you should learn how to supervise other people doing the same job as you in activities defined as aggressively competitive.

Among the others, there are a few key values you need to set up when found yourself in a role of being a manager of a freelance writing team.

  1. Healthy and genuine environment: Being able to provide a sound communication is essential when your goal is to achieve mutual interest and goals. Frequent interaction in a friendly manner is important because the more you communicate with your team the easier you identify the strengths of your team members.
  2. Issue-oriented: When you are able to identify the capacity of the people you are working together, you will be able to give them directions. It means you will know which individual suits best for a particular assignment and be able to distribute the work load appropriately to get the most professional engagement.
  3. Confidential guidance: Confidence is fundamental in creating relationships of any kind. It is a usual situation that people get stressed when given a task by an authoritarian supervisor (is like being an authoritarian parent) motivated by the standard of money issue. Instead, being strict and consistent but with a dose of trust towards the skills and expertise of the others may enhance the organization of work and avoid misunderstandings.
  4. Set positive examples: “Example is leadership” they say, so make sure you strive to set the best model for the others. Mutual learning and self-discipline are principles that enthuse dedicated individuals.
  5. Perceptiveness: Be observant throughout any project carried out by a number of people. It will enable you to track the progress of the freelance job, the individual achievements of your team members. If you are good at being perceptive, you can easily detect any weaknesses and insecurities people often come across.
  6. Motivation: There is no leadership without strong motivation. You must be very alert at the progress of your team and be always prepared to recognize their success with a good piece of writing. Also, if someone struggles to meet the expected criteria, try to be helpful showing solutions how to optimize work.
  7. Establish a vision- Good leadership involves visionary capabilities. Writing is a very demanding task which requires high expectations from all the participants. Onlypersistence in your leadership will help you achieve the results set in the prospects at the beginning of creating your team and starting the assignment.There are, of course, many more skills needed to organize and manage the writing process. Effective leaders never stop developing skills and capacities that will work the best for the writers and the project itself.

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