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free tools for public relations
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Public relation (PR) is a communication process and you have to develop good strategies and apply technological advancement to reach your public audience.  The process requires constant interaction and up-date information of the newest technology assets.

Ways to perform Public Relationship

Participate in public happenings: It is important that you have daily updates on events held by individuals or organisations. Do not neglect the opportunity to offer a speech. This is a good way to show your products or services to a wide range of people within a short period of time. Webinars are suitable to bring people together from the conformity of their home.  There are specific software for webinars, but the most simple way is using Skype.

Press release is a valuable tool that enables you to attract interest through the media. They are convenient as they are rather short and elucidate the main point and key details. They can be part of TV or radio broadcast and printed publications which makes them sound more serious and trustworthy.  Here you have some press release examples.

Blogging: This is diary type web page which provides continuous contacts and feedback among participants. Blogs are easy to manage and gives many opportunities such as ongoing flow of information on daily basis, links to various sources related to your content and list of entries to follow interested parties. Recently micro-blogging has become a catchy tool for users. It helps you keep your target audience briefly informed on your activities.

Newsletter: This is a direct way of sending letter-format information to your target audience. It aims towards maintaining a strong relationship with the public through correspondence and they focus more on the specific interest of the people who receive them or those who have subscribed to receiving the newsletter.  Here tou have some tips for your newsletter.

Tools for a Public Relation strategy

Public Relation tools are useful assets that make your job more successful. There is a number of accessible applications that may help you to run your work smoothly and efficiently.

Google Docs: This application has a similar interface to the Office package but allows multiple users to work on a same document. You can share and update your worksheets, calendars etc. and also attach documents if the recipient is outside the Google system.

AutoCrit- Poor copies are bad for your company if they do not have a good writing content. AutoCrit helps you to boost your writing style in means of word repetition, sentence structure and spelling.

Google alerts: is a notification service which sends you emails after you have set up your name, company name, competitors and key words significant for you. You will be led through a link to the desired source of your interest.

Copyscape: Sometimes you may deal with plagiarism and Copyscape is the perfect tool in that case. It shows you if the content written for your product is original or it has been copied from elsewhere.

Remember that RP tools get you closer to your clients and the sooner you take the challenge to apply them the more convinced you will be that you are moving to the right direction.









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