Is ChatGPT Good Enough to Check Spanish and Make It Publishable?

Ai is a great tool for writing, translating, and editing, but is it good enough to get a final result to show on your website?

For this article, I am based on my own experience as a Spanish proofreader. Said that, my experience is mainly with Chat GPT, and I don’t know how similar other AIs will be, although I have the sense that many of the issues I will talk about will be also in them –I will tell you why when I mention them in the article-.

First things first, I have to say the AI does a very decent job when editing Spanish texts. In most cases, it provides a text without mistakes, and that is a high value for a free tool.

Check more Spanish checkers here.

What are the main issues?

The issues are not big but are things you may want to know.

Big influence of Latam Spanish

The issue here is just for those who want to have Spanish from Spain. Even if you tell the AI to use Spanish from Spain, you will see excessive use of words like “tomar”, “ costo” and others that are not as natural in Spain.

This is likely due to the large percentage of text on the Internet produced by Latam people, and thus I guess it is a common issue in the other AIs too, though this would be something to fact-check.

Not perfect with the reflective se

If you ask it to give you a comment about why something is better than its competitors, the text will likely start with a sentence containing “se destaca”. The overuse of passive voice here can work one time if you want to make a no as a natural sentence to grab user attention, but is not natural. No doubt that a native would use “destaca” more than “se destaca”. 

This happens with several verbs.

Bad capitalizing

Likely due to English influence, the AI tends to capitalize every word in all kinds of titles and even in lists. While you can use that capitalization in the title, is not as common in subtitles and surely is not common at all in a list with bullet points.

When do I need a human then?

Let’s be honest. Your website is not going to look awful if you proofread your text with an AI. If you are going to use the text for personal reasons or even in a small company, you can save a lot of money with this.

Now for a bigger company where people expect everything to be perfect, AI is still not enough. You can use it for a first review, but I would still give it to a human to double-check the final result.

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