In Copywriting the Size Matters

Size Matters in Copywriting
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Copywriting is the art of writing a text that sells a product or service. It has its own rules and they usually aren’t easy to apply to a copy text in Spanish, because they have been created by English native speakers that work in English.

One of these copywriting rules is keep the text short

Unless you are selling something expensive and with many characteristics that are interesting for the customers, a good copywriter should keep the text as short as possible.

People usually don’t want to read adverts, so minimizing the reading time is a good way to keep readers engaged whilst you tell them what they should know.

So the first rule is whatever you have to say, say it with the smallest number of words possible.

Another copywriting rule is tell the customers as much as possible about the product

Yes, I was just saying that you should keep it short, and now I am saying you need to convey more information.

Actually, this is not a contradiction. You need to keep it as short as possible, but use your words carefully to convey all the information necessary.

The point here is to decide which of your product/service features provides a solution for the customer’s needs. All the positive aspects of the product or service should appear in your text with a short description of each one.

What about copywriting in Spanish

The big problem with Spanish texts is that Spanish requires more words than English to say exactly the same thing. In Spanish if you keep the text too short, the message can be over simplified and that may affect your credibility. So a copywriter in Spanish needs to balance the size of the text. It has to be short, but at the same time it shouldn’t sound childish.

Anyway, what is clear here is that in copywriting, size matters a lot.


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