I Don’t Speak Spanish – How Do I Know If My Spanish Freelance Writer Writes Well?

While hiring a Spanish freelance writer is a great solution to the difficulties of trying to make content available in Spanish, it can be a challenge to be sure that the content is well-written and accurately portrays what you were hoping to.  This is especially true if your Spanish is minimal or limited to “hola”, “gracias” and “adios”.

Here are some ways you can ensure that your Spanish freelance writer is qualified for the job and will turn in great content that meets your needs:

Native Speaker: One of the first and most important things to look for in your Spanish freelancer is that they are a native speaker.  Find someone who was born and raised in a Spanish-speaking country.  This means that they’ve had experience writing school assignments in Spanish and spend their day-to-day reading, writing and speaking in Spanish.  That means they’ll have a wide and varied vocabulary and a good sense of the rhythm of the language.  They know how to communicate in Spanish and will have a better chance at doing it effectively.  However, this of course isn’t enough to ensure you’ve hired a great writer.  This is the most important point, but certainly not the only one.

References: The most sure-fire way to get a great Spanish freelance writer is if you find him/her by reference.  If one of your friends or colleagues has referred you to a great freelance writer, that can be a vote of confidence that is irreplaceable.  If not, then ask your freelance writer for references and feedback from previous clients.  If others have been satisfied with their work in the past, you have a better chance of being satisfied as well.

Background of your Writer:  Check in to your Spanish freelance writer’s resume – look not only for successfully completed projects, but education and work experience.  A freelancer who’s been to University in a liberal arts degree has had to write his fair share of essays – more than a freelancer who skipped University.  You may also want to check work experience.  Jobs such as a teacher, writer, editor, etc. are all pluses.

Put it in Word : When they turn in their first piece of work, copy and paste it into a word document if it’s not already in that format.  Check your language settings and change them to Spanish.  While not fool-proof, this will definitely catch red flags in spelling and grammar.  If your writer is any good, nothing major should show up. Also take in mind that word is not always perfect, so if you notice something, ask your writer to explain, it is easy to see when an explanation is reasonable or an excuse.

Pay for a translation: If you’re trying out a writer for long term or continuous projects, consider paying to get one of their pieces translated.  It’s easy to find a good translating service online through sites such as ProZ.  By investing in the translation of one piece, you’ll give yourself piece of mind that you’re getting quality work from your freelancer. Another good option is ask someone to proofread the text and give you feedback.

Even if you don’t speak Spanish, you can take measures to ensure you get quality writing for your Spanish content.  Don’t leave it to chance, do your homework to be sure you’re using a great Spanish freelance writer.


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