How to Use Freelancing To Get the Best Out of Your Book

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As a writer, you probably do freelance a lot. With many of the jobs, whether they are stories, articles, or blog posts, many require you to be a ghostwriter. Essentially, you write it and give all of the rights up to someone else. You’re tired of seeing your books online receiving positive reviews under someone’s name, and you want to publish your own stuff. If you want to write it on your own, there are still many ways you can use freelancing to perfect your book, all for reasonable prices.

  • First, you should hire an editor. While editing your own stuff can work, sometimes you need a second pair of eyes to give your story an unbiased touch-up. Some errors in grammar and problems with the story can be overlooked if you edit it on your own. If they can format it for Kindle, all the better.
  • Second, you should hire a freelance illustrator. Unless you have quality art skills, you may want to look into a professional to giving your story a cover that will catch the eyes of potential customers. Look at their portfolios and see which style most fits your vision, and work from there. Whether you’re making an epic fantasy illustration or a simple design, many people will judge your book by its cover.
  • Third, hiring someone review your book can benefit you. While some will read your short story for free, many won’t read a novel if you ask them to. While criticism is subjective, they could give you constructive points that you could use to improve your novel or use in the future. Also, you could hire reviewers to post on the book’s page, but you may want to avoid dishonest reviews. While having a few shills post five star reviews can get people’s attention, you won’t be able to control the outpour of bad reviews if your content is poorly-written. Remember to have quality before you release content.
  • Lastly, always hire someone to help with the marketing of your book. Unless you’re a master in advertising, getting someone to spread the word is essential if you want to make a profit. However, this can be a big investment. You may shoot yourself in the foot if you don’t choose the right marketing firm for the job. So make sure they have plenty of experiences in the marketplace and look at their clients. Also, see how long that you can see results. Typically, it may take a few months to take off, so don’t listen to a marketing firm if they claim they will get your product popular in days. Also, you will want a marketing company that is committed and won’t give you a one hit wonder, so strive for a long-term relationship.

Freelancing can help accomplish all these, and sometimes you can get professionals for only a few dollars. Scout around and see what they can do for you. Soon, you can be a writer and not a ghostwriter.

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