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SEO for freelance writers
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If you’re trying to make it as a web content writer, chances are you’ve heard of SEO. This is an important piece in website design and management and these days everyone seems to have hopped on the road to search for SEO success. That means that as a web content writer, SEO knowledge is not a nice skill to have, it’s a requirement. So how can you get started?

The Basics – What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Simplified, this means how a website is created and what ranking website obtains in a search engine as a result. For example, if the website appears on the first in a search on Google, that’s some excellent SEO at work. However, if the website shows up on page six of the results, then it’s not so good. A website’s rating is determined by several factors. The main factor is relevance. If the website relates closely to the words typed into the search engine, it usually means the words appear somewhat frequently on the website. These special words are called keywords. However, the rating is also determined by popularity of the site or how many visits it gets. The more popular the site is, the higher the rating. And you guessed it, the more useful, the more popular the site becomes. So usefulness of a website is also a factor.

Know About Keywords These are those magical words that you type into a search engine, hoping to find what you’re looking for. As a content writer, you need to be able to imagine what your ideal reader will type into the search engine. Now, there are many tools available to help you discover how often keywords are typed into search engines across the globe. This can help you decide what keywords are right for you. If you go for popular words, however, keep in mind that probably means you’ll have a lot of competition in getting some of the first rankings. It’s a balance – find keywords that are accurate for what you’ll write about, and also be sure that you’ll be able to get somewhere with them.

Keep it Natural This goes right along with the factors for determining rankings. If you have web content chock full of keywords that is awkward and difficult to read, well, then no one will think it’s useful and down goes the popularity of the site. That means you won’t get too far in your ranking goals. So, make sure that you include keywords naturally. This means that as a web content writer you may have to work a little harder to make sure the keywords fit into your text without sticking out like sore thumbs, but with some practice, you’ll learn to turn phrases so that they sound natural.

Where Can You Learn More? Since SEO is such an important skill and tool, there are lots of great resources out there. One of the best and most comprehensive is the Moz Beginner’s Guide to SEO. Another great resource is the Google SEO Starter Guide. Lastly here in Spanishwriterpro you can find a page focused in SEO for content writers.

SEO is a skill that will earn you more money and make you a better candidate for jobs. So, get started and kick-off your professional development as a web content writer by learning SEO.

How to write a SEO friendly post infographic

How to Write a SEO Friendly Post

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