How to Create A GOOD LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn is a neglected social media page for professionals and businesses. It’s all too easy to ignore a network without all the headlines and buzz, but LinkedIn is actually an excellent way to get your company’s name out there.

Did you know that LinkedIn performs 277% better than Facebook or Twitter when it comes to generating visitor-to-lead conversions?

Here are some simple ways to jazz up your LinkedIn page so you can start get those much-needed conversions.

Cover Photo

The cover photo is the visual material that visitors to your company’s page will first see. It’s important to make it eye-catching and professional, but it’s also a good idea to keep it simple. Try making your company logo the profile picture, and using the same colour scheme and simplicity in your header.

Here’s some dimensions to remember, because you don’t want your photos coming out blurry:

• Company logo: 300 x 300
• Square logo: 60 x 60
• Company cover image: 1536 x 768

The ‘About’ Section

This section is where potential new customers are going to find out the most about you and make some vital decisions. Think of it as the blurb of a book. However, it is different from blurbs (and bios on Twitter, for example) in that you are not writing a narrative. The overview should include just a few sentences summarizing your company, and this can be written however you would like.

However, this section also includes a section where you can write your company’s specialties. Here, just list them.

The ‘Life’ Section

Another important section here is the ‘Life’ category. Here, show off your brand’s culture and company values. Describe what makes you a great company and what separates you from the rest of the crowd. It also gives you a chance to explain the day-to-day lives of your workers and what a great workplace you provide.

Don’t be afraid to show off here – it’s all about selling yourself!

What About Content?

Establishing a profile is probably the easiest part; you know what your company is about. However, you then need to start thinking about the content that appears on your page. On LinkedIn, you need to appeal to current customers, prospective clients, employees, and potential recruits. This makes it a pretty challenging platform to operate on.

Most people on LinkedIn publish articles, and this is not necessarily a bad way to churn out content. However, a simple text-based post can attract attention in this environment, and therefore making a post every now and then is great. Try out posting a question to connect with your followers.

Articles remain a good idea, though, so make sure you have someone in your team capable of writing gripping articles. The articles should be related to your industry and your company, so make sure to include these things.

It seems like LinkedIn is not so scary, after all! It’s pretty easy to ace this platform, so there’s no need to worry!

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