How Much Does a Professional Writer Cost in Spain?

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As a Spanish freelance writer, I have seen many job offers for 5 euros per 1200 words. Actually, one time that I bid for a project in which someone needed 6 posts of 800 words about belts daily for the long-term, I was told that I was out of the market because my price was 10 euros per post.

Well I don’t know how much you know about belts, but in my case writing 6 posts daily, no matter the subject, requires some research to provide fresh material each time.

As most clients usually expect the posts to be error-free, I usually need to proofread my own posts or pay someone to do it.

Of course it depends on the subject and on the text length, but if you want to provide a high quality text, you can’t write more than 6-8 posts per day. Well you can if your clients are involved in the work and they suggest titles and have a general idea about the post structure. But, most of the time the clients only know that they need a large number of posts for SEO. In these cases, if you ask me, you can only increase your productivity hurting your quality.

Let’s do an easy calculation:

Price 5 euros.

Posts: 10 per day.

Total income per month: 60 x 22 working days = 1100 euros

And now the freelancer needs to pay taxes= 280 euros -> 820 euros in total. Also, people need to understand that if a freelancer takes a week for holidays, he is not earning money because he is not working.

And now you are likely saying, well that is not so bad, isn’t it?

But, freelancers also have to look for jobs, write applications for new projects, generate invoices, and do basic accounting. And considering that if the freelancer takes a week for holidays, he is not earning money because he is not working. So, in the end that 800 euros are much less than what they seemed.

As a conclusion you can’t get 500 words posted by less than 8-10 euros if you want a professional writer. You can get a high quantity of posts cheaper, but face it, the writer is not professional.

I am not saying that hiring an amateur is a bad option, you have to decide whether you want to place your trust in a professional or someone who has a writing hobby.

There are a wide range of options in the market to choose from but don’t lie yourself with impossible options.



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