Hooking the Reader Until the End: Writing Interesting Copywriting Articles

When it comes to writing articles, especially long ones, it’s important to create a killer hook that will make the reader want to read on. Sure, a catchy headline and intriguing first sentence might make the audience a little curious about what else you have to say, but these things are simply no use when the rest of your piece is boring.

There is a real knack to writing addictive articles that pull the reader through the article, sentence by sentence, until they reach the end. It can be tricky, especially if your end goal is to sell something through copywriting.

Well sit back and relax, because I am about to tell you how to write an article that will do all that and more.

Tip #1: Make Everything You Write Personal

If you write an article that doesn’t seem a little personal, people will switch off. It just seems a little too much like an advertisement, and real people crave real connections. Selling things is about making that connection with a huge audience.

To do this, you should be allowing people to feel like they know the writer. Use second person (like I’m doing in this piece) and simple vocabulary to seem accessible and friendly. That way, people will want to know what you have to say.

Tip #2: Plant Seeds of Curiosity

Like I mentioned at the start, getting people to read on requires piquing their curiosity. This, of course, relies partly on strong opening sentences. Keep these openers brief and ensure that they resemble spoken language – remember, you’re trying to be friendly. Furthermore, you can add in a question or say something that vaguely unsettles the reader in a way that urges them to find out more.

Then comes the rest of the article. Throughout the piece, the audience should be curious enough to keep reading. So at the end of each paragraph, throw in phrases like:

• “Now here comes the good part…”
• “But there’s more…”
• “Read on to find out…”

These little phrases will encourage the reader to discover more by continuing to read.

Tip #3: Answer All the Reader’s Questions to Make it Flow

Copywriting needs to show the reader why the product or service you’re selling is going to help them. This means that, as the reader continues their journey through the article and learns a bit more, they are going to have more and more questions about the product.

You need to anticipate these questions and have them answered in a logical order. To do this, think about what questions will arise based on the headline, then lead the reader through the answers in a way that makes sense. Tell them all the exciting ways your product will change their lives, and it is sure to have them hooked.

In the End…

Any copy that is too long will end up causing boredom. Trim down your article to make it concise, snappy, and effective.

At the end of the day, good copywriting takes practice, so stick at it and you will find that your writing prowess only continues to grow.

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