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Having a website in the Spanish language can put you at an advantage to reach more clients and readers for whatever your purposes.  However, there are some important considerations to take into account when developing your website to get the most out of it.

First, consider your audience.

A website for Spanish speakers in Spain should be different from one written for Spanish speakers from Mexico which would be different from a website for Spanish speakers from Central America.  Spanish speakers in the USA are a mix of all of these countries and more.  The differences are many.  The vocabulary will differ greatly as what’s considered vulgar and rude in Central America may be everyday language for Spaniards.  Not only will the words used be different, you’re also dealing with very distinct cultures.  Consider the fact that you may want to celebrate holidays on your website with sales or promotions.  It’s necessary to be aware of the target country’s celebrations and observances. Furthermore, the way that your website flows and reads will need to be adjusted based on your target reader’s location.  Different countries’ residents have different standards and expectations when viewing websites.  You’ll want to be sure what you provide is accessible and interesting for your target audience.

Make sure you hire a great copywriter.

A great Spanish freelancer can help you create the content you need, whether translated or created from scratch.  Be sure to communicate to your freelancer regarding the audience and target country or countries that you’d like him to tailor the content to.  A native Spanish speaking copywriter will be one of the critical pieces for your website’s success.  Their expertise in writing, the language and their awareness of culture will be very important in creating quality content for your website.   If you are wondering how and why you should consider hiring a Spanish freelance writer, find the answers here.

If your website offers a service, make sure it’s accessible for the target readers.  This means, figure out if there’s shipping to the country in question if your product is physical.  Also, if offering online services such as video lessons or digital downloads, try to make it as easy to manage as possible, keeping in mind that not all countries have excellent offerings in internet service.

Finally, if you have an English version of your site, make a quick, easy to see link to the Spanish version.

That way if you have readers arriving at your English site who are more comfortable with Spanish, it’s easy for them to get to your Spanish site.  Similarly, you can also program your site so that the server reads the locale setting of the browser request. That means that if your reader has logged on from a Spanish speaking country, your website should automatically show the Spanish version.

By following this advice, you’ll be sure to create a fantastic website that is accessible, relevant and useful to your Spanish speaking audience.  Get started with this project today!

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