Free Tools to Proofread a Spanish Text

Whether you’re looking to check through content from your Spanish freelancer or would like help checking your own Spanish language writing, there are some useful tools that can help you get started.  These tools can assist in finding grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and troubles with syntax.  The best news is that some of the tools are free.

Here are some of the most useful free tools for proofreading a Spanish text:

  1. My Stilus – Grammar and Spelling Checker

Functioning in a very similar way to Word, this website allows you to copy and paste text into a window and then correct it!  Suggestions are made for each mistake found within the text.  It’s easy to use and quite accurate.  Whatever your Spanish text, this handy checker will make sure that it’s written in perfect Spanish.

  1. Fundación del Español Urgente – Common Questions

This website includes a number of useful features.  If you’re writing or proofreading a Spanish text, and have a specific grammar question or want to know how to use a word, a consultation feature allows you to ask your question and get an answer!  With the support of the Real Academia Español, the official organization that monitors the Spanish language, this website provides authoritative answers to many Spanish language questions.  In addition, you can browse through the answers given to other users regarding their own questions.  The library of already answered consults is conveniently categorized so that you may search by type of issue (grammar, abbreviations, gender, etc.) or simply browse through as published by date.

  1. Real Academia Español – Dictionary and Common Questions

The Real Academia Español itself also provides a useful website with the official dictionary and also a section for consultations regarding the use of the Spanish language.  From the homepage, in the dictionary section, you can choose between the dictionary and the consultation area.  Rest your cursor on the arrow beside “Diccionario de la lengua Española” and you’ll see a drop-down option that will take you to the “Diccionario panhispánico de dudas”.  One of my favorite tools here includes the conjugator, which allows you to see a complete listing of verb conjugations in each tense after looking up the verb in the dictionary.

  1. Word Reference – Dictionary and Common Questions

For English speakers looking for a comprehensive English-Spanish translator, word reference provides one of the best options around.  It also includes a Spanish-Spanish dictionary option. One of the best features is that it’s interactive, including definitions and explanations of more informal language used across Spanish speaking countries provided by users.  The site also has a general forum area where common questions about Spanish language usage, grammar and vocabulary are answered.

  1. Instituto Cervantes Forum – Common Questions

This useful forum provides a platform a place for Spanish speakers and writers to ask and answer questions.  Although the organization of the site could be improved to show the categories in a more user-friendly manner, the answers are thorough and cover an extensive range of topics.


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