Financial Content Ideas for the Hispanic Market 2021

As you already know, the COVID-19 pandemic took a toll on industries, companies, and individuals alike. According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the global economy shrunk by 4.4% — deeming it the most detrimental decline since the Great Depression of the 1930s.

Many individuals lost their jobs or saw their incomes cut. As a result, unemployment rates increased across the globe, the stock markets suffered critical shifts, and most countries’ economies are now in recession. Latin American countries, including Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, and Venezuela, are among the most affected. 

Thus, now is the best time to produce quality financial content that could generate more leads, drive traffic, and help you tap into the Hispanic market. Don’t know where to start? Below, a few financial content ideas:

1. Answer Common Questions

According to Google, some of the top questions asked in the Southern hemisphere this month include:

  • How to save money?
  • How to make money fast?
  • How to make money online?
  • How to write a resume?
  • How much is my car worth?
  • How do you budget for significant expenses?

Thus, if you want to catch people’s attention, providing useful answers to these are other related questions is an excellent place to start. 

2. Loans 

Another great topic is anything related to loans. Given the economic crisis, many people are going online to look for financing options and funding opportunities. The good news is that there are many angles to choose from when writing about loans. 

Below a few topic ideas:

  • The Top 10 Financial Entities In “XYZ”
  •  A Comprehensive Guide on Loans
  • The Different Types of Loans Available 
  • Pros/cons of Soliciting a Loan
  • How To Apply for a Bank Loan
  • How To Qualify for a Personal Loan
  • Credit Cards vs. Personal Loans 

More so, you could even be more specific and write about financing options in the pandemic era. Many Latin American banks are now offering solutions to ease clients’ financial burdens, such as loan payment deferrals and extensions, fee waivers, and credit line increases. 

3. Investments

The number of people looking for potential options that could multiply their earnings through investments is rising. However, making educated decisions as to when and where to invest can be very daunting. So, writing about good investment options in 2021 can be another great way to increase leads and engage your readers. 

The more in-depth you go, the better. I suggest you find viable investments based on location and market trends. For example, Colombia has been described as one of the South American ICT markets with the best investment opportunities in 2021. Crowdlending has become increasingly popular this past year in countries such as Argentina, Brazil, and Chile. 

4. Working from Home

Without a doubt, topics about working from home will reel in lots of visitors. The pandemic has forced millions of people to work from home for the first time in the lives. According to recent statistics, 3.4% of the entire world’s population now works from home —rendering countless opportunities to develop pieces filled with tips, hacks, and general advice aimed at individuals and companies. 

Here a few post ideas to get your wheels spinning:

  • How to be more productive when working from home
  • Balancing your work and personal life
  • How to make working from home interesting
  • Working Remotely: Must-Haves 
  • XX Ways to Promote Company Culture While Working Remotely
  • XX Remote Team-Building Activities

You could also exploit the fact that many people are looking for new job opportunities. Thus, titles like “The Best Work From Home Jobs In 2021,” “Highest Paying Stay-At-Home Jobs,” or XX Ways to Make Money from Home” will for sure drive traffic to your website or blog. 

5. Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship has always been a popular subject within the Hispanic communities. Latin America stands out for having the highest female entrepreneurship rates in the world. And Chile is known to be the world’s most entrepreneurial nation. Plus, entrepreneurial intentions are equally higher when compared to other countries. 

Thus, it is safe to say that entrepreneurship topics will go a long way within this demographic, especially those related to e-commerce, tech startups, and IT.  

6. Cryptocurrency

The pandemic showed there’s a need for digital currencies, especially bitcoins. In recent months, Bitcoin has surged 90% and is up triple digits year to date — becoming another excellent source for content. 

The great thing is, there is still a lot to be learned when it comes to digital currencies. Thus, there are plenty of subjects you could elaborate on, from what it is and how to buy them to safety implications and investment platforms. 

7. Mobiles Apps

It is no secret that the pandemic has forced us to become more digitalized and tech-savvy. As a result, financial apps are surging in use, with an increasing number of users embracing mobile for digital banking, lending, investing, and other needs around the world. 

More so, according to a report by AppFlyer, a specialist in mobile app marketing, the highest level of year-over-year growth is in emerging markets in Latin America, Asia Pacific, Africa, and the Middle East.

Therefore, you could also take advantage of this new trend and explore topics such as:

  • 2021 Best Budgeting & Financing Apps 
  • Free Apps to Keep Track of Your Expenses
  • Legit Ways to Make Money With Your Phone
  • XX Mobile Apps to Manage Your Business 
  • Online Banking in Latin America
  • Best Financing Apps for Millennials
  • How Online Payments Save You Time and Money

8. Personal Finances 

Last but not least, you should delve into the world of personal finances. Having basic personal financial skills is one of the most important things you can do to live a healthy, happy, and secure life in today’s fast-changing economy. 

Therefore, if you help people understand how much they earn, their monthly expenses and show them how to budget their income effectively, you can rest assured there will be a rise in your website’s numbers. 

Nonetheless, personal finance topics can be very complex. Thus, try to find the right balance between being informative and turning your pieces into a lecture. 

I recommend you start with light and general topics that could spark your reader’s interest, such as:

– Finance Tips Everyone in Their 30s Should Know

– Top TED Talks About Money

– XX Ways You can Master Your Money 

– How to Make a Budget (and live by it)

– XX Money Saving Challenges 

– How to Fix a Bad Credit Score

As you can see, there are plenty of financial blog content ideas that will appeal to the Hispanic market in 2021. You just need to roll up your sleeves, do some research, and start writing! 

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