E-mail marketing – What is it and what do you need to know?

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Email marketing is now one of the most familiar go-to forms of advertising we know. It’s popular, cheap and often very effective. Here, you’ll see an overview of what it is and some recommendations for doing it well.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is pretty much any email correspondence between a company and its potential or current clients. It can be in the form of newsletters, campaigns or other informational messages. Transactional messages are also included in email marketing and include emails regarding purchases made or website passwords, etc. Check this article out for more information about what email marketing is.

How do I get started with email marketing?

  1. Email database – In order to get a great email marketing campaign going, you’ll need email addresses! It’s best to get email addresses from clients or potential clients voluntarily. Due to spam laws in many countries, it’s illegal to email people without giving them an option to unsubscribe. Therefore, you must start building your list either through your website and having people subscribe to an email list or through offline events or sales where email addresses are collected. You can also offer a service or useful information on your website, that in order for users to access, their email address must be given. Remember to always get permission to use people’s email addresses and you’ll avoid legal hassles.
  2. Good subject and headlines Since email marketing is so popular, getting readers to see your email and then actually click on it to see the content may be a challenge. In order to engage your audience, you’ll need a subject line that arouses their curiosity enough that they click through to read the email. The first line of your email is also often visible in the inbox, so this, along with the subject line are the only chances you have to peak your reader’s interest enough that they click through. Give intrigue to your subject lines by using humor, being very helpful or asking a question. By including great content in your emails, you can also create an expectation from your readers to look forward to your messages and have them habitually engaged with you. Finally, if it’s good enough content, your readers may share the email, meaning your email list will grow.
  3. Avoid spam filters Using voluntary sign-ups for email helps avoid falling into the spam filters. However, you still might get filtered if your email includes some of these “spammy” characteristics such as: talking about money a lot, using ALL CAPS, using lots of exclamation points, using phrases such as “free” “click here” or similar and using mostly image and no text. Spam filters are changing and modified by email users identifying emails as spam, so the best thing you can do is have such awesome content that your readers want to open your emails and enjoy the content. So keep advertising and pitching to a minimum or at least as a small portion of your overall helpful, interesting email. The more your readers think you’re useful, interesting or fun, the better off you’ll be.

Email marketing can bring many benefits such as purposes, sharing and the ability to track conversion rates. Get started today with yours! And if you need an e-mail marketing writer in Spanish, contact me!

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