B2B Copywriting: You’re Still Writing for Humans!

Let’s start it with a fact: “Your B2B (business to business) copy will be read by humans!”

Okay, we know it’s obvious — But some copywriters think the other way 

In simple words, an ideal B2B copywriter addresses the problems of business and tries to put forward a solution while speaking like a human being.

So how does B2B copywriting differ with B2C? Let’s take a look before proceeding further.

B2B vs. B2C Copywriting – The Main Differences

Unlike most copywriters think, B2B copywriting shouldn’t be boring, and it can surely be exciting and interesting if drafted nicely.

Although the end goal of both copywriters is to convert prospects into customers by making sales and generating revenue. There is quite a fine line between B2B and B2C copy. Here’s how they differ:

  • B2C copywriters try to solve problems on a personal level with customers. For that, they use slogans and stereotypes that fit and align with their copy. In contrast, B2B copy should be more logical and authoritative.
  • An individual can be independent when making decisions for buying something for himself. On the other hand, a business is bound to make decisions that are best for the whole corporation. In other words, there is no single decision-maker when it comes to B2B copywriting.
  • B2C customer decisions are influenced by emotions and feelings. But B2B copy isn’t driven by the sentiments. Instead, it talks about product or service’s benefits for the business reputation and future growth.

5 Smart Techniques to Become a B2B Copywriting Pro

B2B copywriting isn’t easy, but it is much more in-demand than B2C. (Honestly, it should be!)

To create a top-notch B2B copy, follow these techniques so that your company makes more sales and conversions.

1.   Write Casually (Not Unprofessionally!)

Ever wondered why most B2B copies are boring? Just because they are too robotic to read and understand. 

We, as humans, want to interact and communicate with a real person. And that’s where most B2B copywriters miss out. 

Your copy should be casually balanced with the professionalism of your business.

2.   Create a Brand Tone

Businesses are known by their brand voice, and as a B2B copywriter, you’re responsible for it. 

Since we know how much crowded the internet has become, it’s essential to be in front of your customers with a unique tone and voice.

In this way, your corporate brand will sound like more human, and this is the best way to make people take out their credit cards!

3.   Make Your Copy Concise Yet Complete

Let’s be honest, business people do not have time to read your long paragraphs. 

They need to judge your copy and decide within seconds whether it is the ideal solution for their business.

Don’t just leave your message halfway when making your copy concise! 

4.      Build Trust Gradually

Converting a business or corporation into your customer won’t be an immediate process. You’ll have to move them unknowingly throughout your copy.

There are several ways through which you can build trust in your domain or field of specialty. Some of them are as follows.

  • Using Customer Testimonials
  • Showcasing Portfolio
  • Featuring Previous Case Studies
  • Mentioning Notable Customer Brands
  • Quoting Number of Products/Services Sold
  • Offering Free Trials or Samples (Tripwire Offers)

B2B Copywriting – Digital Marketers’ Heaven

You, as a copywriter, are in a perfect position if you’re capable of producing amazing B2B copies that convert potential customers – After all, it’s your marketing skills that influence other human beings to make decisions in your favor.

B2B copywriters are quite well paid because of association with big brands and companies earning revenue in thousands or even in millions of dollars.

Do you have a web in Spanish or planning to create one? I can be your Spanish freelance copywriter.

Share your copywriting stories below as we have always been curious to know how other copywriters think 😉


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