5 Tips to Write an Exciting Copy about Boring Things

Want to write an interesting copy of a boring subject? — I know it’s a tough job for a writer.

As a freelance copywriter, you won’t write every time about fashion, video games, or delicious foods. There will be products/services that might not attract you, but targets a specific audience.

But it’s okay — You being a ‘SUPER COPYWRITER’ can turn any boring subject into an engaging writing piece.

How to Write an Interesting Sales Copy about a ‘Boring’ Subject

Surprisingly — The secret recipe of turning ‘boring content’ into a compelling copy is so ‘EASY’!

Any guesses what it could be about? Market research? Writing style? Infographics?

All of it is necessary to write a stellar copy, but the core concept of an ‘electrifying’ content lies in ‘Asking the right questions about your product/service.’

As a freelance writer, you must curate an engaging copy while meeting the SEO guidelines. Here are the five tips for converting your boring piece of content into an engaging one.

Tip #01: It’s Boring ‘Content’, Not ‘Topic’!

Don’t buy it? Let me explain!

It’s a big myth among copywriters that ‘You can’t write a good sales copy about boring things.’

In actuality, there are no uninteresting things! It’s the person who thinks it as boring, but the topic might appeal to someone else.

Go for the perspective of the reader and ask why this product/service is essential to him and how it can change his life.

As Ryan Deiss says,

“People do not buy things, they buy transformations — from a less comforting stage to a more comforting stage.”

Tip #02: Find the Problem and Solve it

It’s basic but a decisive rule of selling.

Even the most boring product is useful and can solve the problem of a prospect. You just need to find that problem and include the solution in your copy.

Some products offer obvious solutions such as you need ‘pen’ to write, you need ‘tissue paper’ to wipe out something — Not every product is that simple.

Some require deep digging so that you could find what benefits it provides to its customers. For example, why do you need solar panels in your house when you can afford electricity from the grid system? Why do you need a wireless charger when you can charge your phone with a wired one?

Tip #03: Use Action Words

Another exciting way of avoiding a boring copy is to use ‘Action language.’ Be direct with your readers rather than using passive voice.

Make your product speak of itself. Let it be the savior in your customer’s story and depict your customer as the hero!

Talk about the benefits of the product instead of features. Tell them how it will affect their life.

Use robust ‘Call-to-Actions’ frequently in the copy. Do not let the prospect distract for a second.

Tip #04: Use Words Variations Wisely

Copywriters are no less than a creative writer. They are the magicians of words who can spell any content to make sales.

Repetitive and frequently used words can make your content dull and less engaging. Always be specific with your tone and use variations of the words.

Research is the best way to find the required words. The more you know about the product, the better you’ll present it.

Tip #05: Write Freely, Do the Editing Later

Write whatever you like about the product; forget about the editing and optimization. Boring things can turn off your writing mood (which is even worse). To avoid that, use your writer’s instinct and write your heart out.

It is an important tip if you’re doing SEO copywriting, SEO is essential — No doubt. But you can always get back to it and optimize your content after you’re done writing it.

Instant optimization can slow down your writing speed and thought process — Making the boring subject even challenging to write on.

Just Write it Down

Copywriters have no easy way out for this — They must ready themselves for writing on less exciting things.

Even if you’re not comfortable writing on it, believe in your writing skills and speak to your readers. Sometimes acknowledging the boringness of the topic can destroy the writer’s block instantly.

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