5 Reasons you should take the plunge and get your website done in Spanish

5 reasons to have a website in Spanish
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If you’re still on the fence about creating your website in Spanish, consider these reasons chock full of research that will show you why it’s worth taking the plunge:

  1. Audience. When it comes to numbers of native speakers of languages Spanish ranks second to Mandarin.  With over 400 million native speakers, it’s the official language of over 24 countries around the world.  The future of the Spanish language looks bright as the language only continues to grow and become more popular according to the Economist.   If you’re looking to reach a wider audience, the Spanish language is the way to go.  A note of caution though, although Spanish is a widely spoken language, there is much variation within the language.  What sounds good for Mexicans may be offensive for Central Americans and may not make any sense in Spain (or the other way around).  So, be sure to tailor the Spanish to your target audience.
  2. Complementary Language. Spanish is a language that is great to combine with your already existing website.  Consider the wide-reach of Spanish around the world.  It is heavily present in the Americas and also in Europe.  Spanish speaking immigrants are present on the other continents as well.  Wherever your website’s target country is, Spanish is a great complement to add numbers to your readership.
  3. Easy to do. As there are so many Spanish speakers, this also means that it’s easy to find and hire a great Spanish speaking copywriter.  The world has become a small place with the ease of the cloud and using online hiring platforms. Finding a great Spanish freelance writer is a breeze and it will make getting high quality content done in Spanish quite simple.
  4. Stand out in SEO. Spanish, although spoken by more people than English, has much less presence online than English.  This means that achieving a great position on Google or other search engines is much easier than in English.  Focus on your SEO development and you’ll be surprised how well you might be able to do in the Spanish language rankings.  This means that you’ll do better at reaching your target audience.  A skilled content writer can also assist you in making your website SEO friendly.
  5. Build Trust By creating a version of your website in Spanish, this extra effort will be appreciated by Spanish speakers, meaning that they’re more likely to trust in your company and products. If you create high-quality content that is appropriate for the country you’re targeting, your audience will appreciate your efforts.  By speaking to them in their language, you’ll connect with them on a deeper level.  You’ll have removed the struggle for them to understand your company and products.

A Spanish version of your website is a great investment in the future of your company.  It’s sure to increase your audience, traffic and overall company image.  Look for a Spanish freelance writer to start working on your website today!

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