4 Tools to Avoid And Check Plagiarism

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Content creating is a skill that requires creativity and authenticity, no matter what type of writing you are presenting to your audience.

It is a hard work, though modern technology, unfortunately allows easy ways to copy others’ work in different ways. However, firstly you need to know what is considered as plagiarism. Whenever you use other author’s words and ideas you need to know that you should either give credit to the source or use quotation marks for the given excerpt. This also refers to images, videos and pieces of music. Plagiarism luckily can be detected through different tools aimed towards this purpose.

Tools to Avoid And Check Plagiarism

Copyscape is an online tool to discover if your work can be found without permission elsewhere on the internet. It can be found as a free or premium version. The procedure of checking is very simple. Copy-paste the URL of the page you want to check to see if the content has been misused. You will get feedback of your search –sites with similar content with exact or partial matches, as well as paraphrased content. Copyscape enables you to put warnings to your blog or website to protect your work. Also, you can take steps to remove any unauthorized content.

Plagium plagiarism checker makes it possible to check large blocks of content. It is a multilingual tracker available in English, German, Spanish French, Italian and Portuguese. It is not necessary to register to use the tool but if you do register for Plagium, you can have notifications whether your content has been used anywhere. It operates in a similar way to Copyscape by pasting the text inside the provided place or submitting the URL. After tracking you will get a list of websites with similar content.

Plagiarism checker is another tool for checking duplicate content on the Internet. Usually common phrases are given in red which is not considered as plagiarism, though whole sentences may be identified as copied by providing the original source of the text. If the text appears in green it shows that there is no plagiarism, while white warns you to reconsider publishing the text as it has already been published on the Internet. Through checking, you will be able to see links and after the checking you can also figure out how genuine your content is. Additionally, you can also upload a file you want to have checked. Every word and sentence are carefully checked to find out any illegal use. Plagiarism checker is completely free.

PlagScan  is a detection tool suitable for educational institutions and businesses. You need to register for using the software either as an individual user or through an organization. It has strict and secure data protection regulations. You can set your requirements according to your needs. PlagScan allows uploading not only documents but entire zip files. Based on its strict privacy policy guaranteeing users to control their data, PlagScan is thought to be the top ranked detection tool. Read more following the link.

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