3 rules that could help you to write nice content

3 tips to write better blog content
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When writing content you can’t follow all the rules because the priority is to create an interesting post. Here there are three rules that could help you to write great content, and that you can use in most of your posts. But be careful, always keep in mind that rules are great, but skip some rules to get a better result is even much more better. I mean, don’t put yourself into a jail following rules.

  1. Write a small introduction. It will help you to put your keywords in the very first part of your text. Also, readers will have a general idea to decide if they should continue reading, so the ones that decide to do so, will likely like your text.
  2. Use bulleted list. It is a good thing for SEO because people tend to share this kind of content more than any other.
  3. Ask things to your readers. Asking some questions such as: Do you already know what are the keys to fly without a plane? Will engage your audience. The ones that don’t know your secret, will go to read your text, because people us curious by nature, and also the question is a challenge that they want to overcome.

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