2020 Blog content plan for Spanish websites

It’s the start of a new year. A new decade, even. And as you look to the calendar ahead, you’re probably anxious about what you’re going to use to fill it!

Fortunately, that’s never too hard. Because throughout the year, we break up the monotony of everyday life with heaps of events. These are great for content, because they not only give you an easy topic, but readers and subscribers actually EXPECT them, and might be disappointed if they don’t appear!

So what should you write about in 2020? Luckily, the holidays give you events throughout the year. You could fill up your blog or website with holiday content and never run out!

Here are a few ideas to create nice web content in Spanish:

1-7 January: New Years

New Years isn’t just the day itself! That’s why I’ve given it a week. But you could probably do even longer! Really, the whole month of January is about deciding how this year will be different – and better than – last one. Focus your content in January on new beginnings. And you’ll have an easy month’s worth of material!

14 February: Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is always popular online, especially as the World Wide Web becomes more of a forum on which people seek out dating advice – and the people they’d like to date, through Tinder or OKCupid. So this day definitely warrants a mention in your blog! Any romantically inspired topic is fair game. Dating advice, shopping for the opposite sex, or, depending on your website, something niche like “best gay bars in town”. You’ll find something for your audience!

12 April (2020): Easter

This coming year Easter in on the twelfth of April. But it moves around! Whenever it falls, though, if you’re in a corner of the world with a sizeable Christian population, it’s an event you can’t miss!

Even if you and your company aren’t religious, there are countless traditions associated with this holiday that can make for great blog posts.

3 May 2020: Mother’s Day (Spain)

The third of May is Mother’s Day in Spain next year, though it might be different in other countries. Still, everyone on the planet sees the value in celebrating the people who gave us life. And don’t our poor mothers deserve it! Mother’s Day is an excellent opportunity for you to return your content to a more grounded state. You can focus on motherhood, or the miracle of life – after all, it’s Spring, a special time!

Often in June: Father’s Day

After you’ve praised the mothers, don’t forget the good men! In many countries, like the UK, the USA, and France, Father’s Day is celebrated in June. (In Spain it’s on 19 March.) This day is an opportunity to feed into – or challenge – traditional notions of masculinity. What angle you choose depends, of course, on the focus of your blog. But remember: good fathers, as much as good mothers, deserve recognition!

21 June: the summer solstice

There aren’t a lot of summer holidays, but to many the whole season is a holiday of sorts! So why not celebrate the beginning? 21 June is often the summer solstice, though sometimes it’s different. It’s the longest day of the year. And the official first day of summer. (That by itself is cause to celebrate!)

Fill up mid to late June with posts about summer plans and relaxation – it’ll be appreciated!

12 October: Hispanic Day

This day is a commemoration of Christopher Columbus’s first sighting of land in the New World. It symbolises they meeting of two different and proud cultures. And the best news is that you can highlight it from the Old World or the new!

Possible topics include the interconnectedness of the modern world, global-ness, or maybe even a reflection on our shared humanity.

31 October: Halloween

In the Americas (and lots of Europe as well!) this holiday has become a pretty big deal. Wearing at least a mask is almost a necessity! There’s the full fall colour pallet, with reds and oranges and ripe fruits and vegetables, and then there’s the scary side of this holiday.

As a content writer, you can play on the monster mash. Or take a different track, and remind people of the importance of heritage and ancestry. If you’re in Latin America, combine this with posts for Day of the Dead!

25 December: Christmas

Save the best for last, right? Christmas has spread well beyond its original confines as a religious holiday, to become a placeholder in winter of the light in the darkness, and the promise (almost like Easter!) of new beginnings.

Depending on your region, people may start celebrating this as early as October. Which gives you not one, but THREE months worth of Santa-themed posts to play with!

If that’s too much Saint Nick for you, don’t despair. There are countless other Christmas themes, none the less festive. Snowmen, reindeer, toys, and winter fun in the low-lying sun!

Even if you live somewhere perpetually warm, like the Canary Islands, there’s a wintry celebration to be had around Christmas. I’ve seen fun images of “sandmen” (snowmen made of sand) or Santa on the beach with a hat that says “takin’ a break”. No matter whether you have a white Christmas or blue skies, there are loads of fun ways to incorporate the Christmas mythology!

So those are just a few ideas, for just a few holidays. Of course there are more. And of course your content should make use of them! Holiday themed posts are a great strategy to break the monotony and make that day or that week seem different, unusual, and maybe even cherished. And many users want and feel enlivened by holiday content. Don’t feel like you’re just feeding into the machinery. You’re helping make every moment just a little more special!

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