Example of Spanish texts

When hiring an unknown freelance, the uncertainty about his performance is always high.

Here you can see an example of my writing. I will add more with time.

Notice that I never use the texts I write for my clients in this or any other websites, all this examples were written to be here and all the work I produce for you is 100% yours.

You can also see some real examples (of course I asked them to link here before doing it) that are published in my client’s section.

Besides, you can visit my blog about copywriting in Spanish.

I also have experience writing in Spanish the following kind of texts: academic papers that have been published in academic journals, website content, articles, blog posts, etc.

If you want more examples, contact me and I will be happy to send them to you.

Content is a key in all SEO strategy since Google is looking for quality and value for users more every day.  Besides:

  • Good text content is the best way to be linked.
  • Good text content is the best way to visitors coming back.
  • Good text content is the best way to avoid all spam penalizations.

In short, Content is the soul of your website, keep it pure and clean.

I am a freelance copywriter from Spain