Work from home as client support

One of the most common jobs for freelancers looking for a work from home job is giving client support services. Here you have 5 tips to do it better.

1. Show the client you have understood his problem

Yes, clients are likely humans, and humans like communication and being understood. So, when you answer your client’s message to say you are about to start to fix it, let him know that you have understood it.

2. Show that you know how difficult is life when you have such a problem

This is related to number one. Once you show that you have understood the problem include a few words to say that you are concerned about the problem and the hard time your client is passing. This will make your client sure that you will work hard in order to solve the problem

3. Keep your client updated and explain what you are doing

Sometimes you can’t solve the issue in just few seconds. It is a good idea let your client know the things you are doing to solve the problem. You don’t want to bore the client with your life, but you want him to know that you and all the company is working to solve the problem as soon as possible.

4. Let him know that he can ask whatever he wants during the process

Show your clients that you are available for them, you are worrying about their problems and because of that you will be happy to help in any other thing they could need.

5. Solve the problem

Well, yes. The client wants you to solve the problem and if this fails you won’t have a happy client.

Following these tips, you will keep a fluent communication with the customers and they will feel well served. Lastly, always have a polite word to say and be clear an easy to understand.

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