work at home as writer in Spanish

Work at home, can it be real?

Are you in a computer? Look at the bottom right of your screen, what does it say?

Yeah, we are in 2014 !!

Don’t you think that in 2014 is possible to work at home?

It absolutely is. There is only one kind of person that still doesn’t believe in working from home: managers, chiefs, bosses or as you know them the person that thinks you are a robot that hates holidays.

work at home as writer in Spanish
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Rest of the people understands that today, with internet, phone and will power you can work at home as good or bad as in an office.

In some works people is more used to work at home. For instances, translators, virtual assistants, graphic designers, programmers and writers, yes even in Spain where it is extremely rare working from home… All of them have the two versions, people working in offices and people working at home.

So if this is your dream

What do you need to work at home?

  1. Work hard. If you are at home your customers or managers, can’t see how hard you are working. Best way to show them is to give a great result.
  2. Computer and internet. It depends on your country internet services, but you will need to choose a good internet connection.
  3. Choose a job that you can do from home. This includes a job that people believes you can do from home, because if it is possible but the culture says you need to be in an office…it will be hard get customers.
  4. A website.
  5. Research for freelance platforms.
  6. Research your country laws. Taxes are a brainteaser for all freelance. When your customers are from all over the world, it could be even more difficult.
  7. Use the free time. First steps are always hard. If you don’t have clients, your work is to find them. If you are working at home, there is not free time during your work hours. Don’t have a task to do for your clients? Improve your website, look for new clients, udpdate your ledger books. Don’t waste time. If you are wasting time, maybe you aren’t ready for working at home.

Some common ideas to work at home.

  • Have a blog and earn money with the adverts.
  • Have a youtube channel.
  • Work as freelancer.
  • Sell your hand-made products.

Obviously each of these options are broad enough to write a book. I will develop some of them on the following posts.

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