What Is Domain Authority

Domain Authority is a page rank tool developed by SEOMoz that helps you improve your traffic and higher the ranking of your website or domain. More precisely, it is a numeric instrument measuring up to 100 points that presents your position on search engines.  When it shows a higher number, it means that your website is strong enough. Also, Domain Authority as a website metric is used for comparison of sites and tracking your status.

It is important for your business to consider Domain Authority as it may help you move upward and get more competent in the cyber world. There are many factors on which DA is based. They are mainly link profile factors, like the number of backward links aiming towards your website and the level of trustfulness of these sites. It is not easy to obtain the maximum score of 100. This score is never fixed but changes and it is really difficult to reach the highest score if we know that websites like Google and Facebook have the top score.

How is Domain Authority calculated?

The metric is calculated by combining all your other link metrics: linking root domains, number of total links, Moz Rank, Moz Trust and others into a single score. It means, you use each of the other metrics to calculate these metrics for every page and domain. To put it more simply, you take all the items you need for link building, mix them and break them down into a new metric. This is how you get the Domain Authority score at the end. After that, the scores are dropped into a logarithmic scale from one to one hundred. Domain Authority can be found in Moz Analytics, Open Site explore, Moz Bar and in many third party apps that use APIs.

Useful terms related to Domain Authority

Linking Root Domains – number of unique domains that link to your domain or page. Multiple backlinks from a single domain are classified and scored as a one linking root domain. When filtering incoming links based on root domains, it is possible to have a precise overview of your backlink profile.

Domain age / Website Age– calculates domain registration age. The importance of the feature is that the older the domain, the better established the website is. Usually, spamming sites are thought to be newly developed sites.

Domain Authority cannot be directed in a straight way. As it consists of a combination of many other metrics, such as Moz Rank, Moz Trust, link profile an others all of them influencing the final score. Knowing that the metric is used to calculate site ranking in Google.com, and Google themselves use a range of factors, this is  why a lot of factors are taken into account for figuring out the score among different websites.

Overall, you need to improve you SEO generally. For the beginning you can start with your link profile since it is the one that influences most link metrics.

As freelance writer one of the main tasks I have is to write content to be published in third-party websites. This a strategy many business follow to improve their Domain Authority.

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