What is Anchor text?

Speaking of internet marketing, everyone who is into the business should be familiar with the meaning of anchor text and its role in the search engine optimization. If it is used in a proper way, anchor text can help you to get a good search engine ranking.

Anchor text is the clink that is clickable in the hyperlink and that leads you to the target page. It means that it directs you to another location or document and this part is always printed in blue. For instance in Google, the word “Google” is an anchor text and it can be created with the HTML code <a href=”http://www.example.com”>Example Anchor Text</a>.

Some types of Anchor texts

Anchors can vary depending on the link profile. It is important to optimize your anchor text as it can help you to create a link profile consisting of various generic anchors.

  1. Generic anchors are usually combination of words like “click for more information here”, “check out” or “read more”. This is how you create a link to your site and it is up to your creativity how you will mix the words.
  2. Branded anchors are texts that use any brand name. Some of the well-known sites like Moz have a huge number of branded anchor texts.
  3. Brand & Keyword anchors-This is a combination of brand name and a keyword of your choice which helps you to build a strong anchor. An example of this type of anchor is “SEO services by Moz”.
  4. LSI anchors is an abbreviation for Latent Semantic Indexing which refers to the different kinds of your keywords or synonyms closely related to your target keyword. For example, if your target is “Bookshop” the LSI keyword may include “Digital library online”, “Book clouds” and so forth.
  5. Exact match-this anchor text can help you a lot in improving your ranking. They are the same as your target keyword phrase. For instance, if the target phrase is “link building” the anchor will be the exact match to it: “link building”. You should be careful with this anchor texts as they can make you get penalized by Google if used inappropriately.

How to optimize anchor text

Make sure you deliver various types of anchor texts. Some marketers believe that branded anchor text should have a greater distribution in comparison to generic anchors, for example. Also, when building backlinks, it’s useful to track anchor texts that have been used. This will show you where you are heading. Avoid using anchors with too many keywords and do not try to over optimize your page.

Pay attention to not to connect with infected or spam sites. There are some useful monitoring tools to use for this purpose like SEMrush, Monitor Backlinks and Ahrefs. Most importantly, look for sites that are not only relevant but authoritative as well. It will make good to your link profile. Websites with high authority and traffic may improve your link profile and increase your optimization.

When working as freelance writer, you will have clients asking you to write about a topic using a specific anchor text for your keyword. What you need to do is to put the link in that keyword within a sentence that makes sense and is coherent with the full text.

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