What is aCall-to Action (CTA)

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Call-to Action is one of the crucial marketing tools. We have discussed before that everything like anchor text links, buttons and images is what make visitors take an instant action but how does it function actually?

A Call-to action is usually a picture or text line that directs your visitors to literally “take an action”. This can be something like:

  • signing up for an event,
  • downloading an e-book,
  • get a coupon
  • buy something
  • and other possibilities offered on the Internet.

You can put the CTA wherever you like, such as in your blog post, in an email or your website. A simple example of a CTA is a notion like “Download free e-book here”. You can use a single CTA or you can put multiple options, it’s up to you.

There are certain things you should include when adding a CTA

First of all, in other to attract visitors to click where you want them to, you need to create a catchy design.

In this regard, you should think of making it noticeable. The ideal size is thought to be 225px wide and 45px high. The first visual contact helps to attract visitors so make sure the CTA colours are different or in contrast to your website.

Also, sometimes it is not enough to say “click here”, readers need more information on what they are headed to. For example, what is it- a Prezi template, a manual for download or a sign-up for a Newsletter. It is believed that strong verbs create more clicks, though other types of words are also important like “these”, “now” or “free”. Then, keep in mind that CTA need to be short and concise. No one wants to waste time on reading unnecessary information. 90-150 characters seem to be ideal word count.

Another important point to think about when it comes to CTA is the landing page. It may be more efficient if visitors are directed to a specific landing page after clicking it and taking the visitor to any random page on your website. As an example, it is all right if you take a visitor to a “contact here” page if you sell services, but maybe not for an online store. It means it cannot be effective in generating leads and customers like a real landing page where someone can find a specific product.

This brings you to select the right CTA for every page on your site. As a marketer here you should identify the stages in the sales route. This is important because not every offer may be suitable for all the visitors throughout the route.

Ideally, after you have given a deeper thought to the above, you can start creating a CTA of your own. In case you need a more thorough outlook of the creation process and a beneficial optimization of your CTAs, you may like to look for some customizable Call –to-Action templates.

CTAs are powerful assets whose strength can boost conversion. Take an action by yourself-understand the basic points, functions and use and you are ready to create valuable CTAs.

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