What is a link profile?

A link profile is the total amount of links that are directed to your website. It plays an important role in keyword rankings and in these terms, both the quality and the quantity of links contribute to high ranking.

When building a link, apart from quality and quantity another feature should be also considered – diversity. There are several factors that influence the link diversity of your site.

Area of influence: meaning the more links you have from various websites, the better trusted and respected you may be.

Traffic blend: links from different sites gives you an opportunity to have new, varied traffic for your site

Greater visibility: having more links from different sites enables you to be more accessible by users.

Genuineness: a number of links from the same source may look intentional and not real.

The first step in building a link profile is to find a reasonable amount of links.  Connect with fellows, sellers, commercial organizations, various directories (blog directories, forum participation and trackbacks) social bookmarking sites and many other high and low rated sites. It is also recommended sending press releases using the link to their website with the company name in the anchor text.

The anchor text can be branded (includes the brand name of the company), semantically relevant (using semantically similar keywords) and diluted text (combination with other words and phrases beside the keywords). Be careful of spam backlinks. Most importantly here, you must not forget to create and offer some really eye-catching content that might be valuable to be linked.

A piece of good advice by specialists is not to rush while building your link profile. Google algorithms are sensitive enough and can detect suspicious links. There is an `unnatural` link penalty for quick link building. This happens if you are pushy when using anchor text for your backlinks. Generally, you may need 35% of your backlinks to be links that use domain name or any branded link text.  For example, a lot of high valued websites have 50-80% branded anchor text. Therefore, you should be patient in building your link profile within time not at once.

Having all this in mind, since achieving high ranking is your priority, it is good to be careful when it comes to linking. Google algorithms are not only sophisticated but changeable also. It is not only enough to have excellent content and a wide range of links. We cannot predict what might happen with the Google linking signals. What may keep your position safe in SEO is the variety of links. It is a kind of protection from unexpected changes regarding rules or re-measuring certain links or patterns. Link diversity is an important issue as you need to avoid looking for or building links from the same site.

All in all, link profile has an incredible importance for SEO. To summarize the points related to link profile we can say that it is the most important factor in website ranking. You should pay attention to the quality backlinks with a standardized and diverse anchor text.

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