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Where to find free images legally
Photo Credit: idreamlikecrazy via Compfight cc

Images are an important part of our lives. They represent captured moments, often impossible to reproduce. As such they enhance any context in which they are used for. When it comes to blog writing images can grasp the reader`s attention especially if the image is in accordance to the content of writing. Any post, regardless what it is about looks nicer with a photo than a plain text. Nevertheless, it is necessary to be aware of how to use graphics on the Internet that does not belong to you.

So, how do all these sites that offer using graphic images?

Compfight is a Flickr search tool that functions through filters and options which help to locate a particular image. It can be done with tags using keywords or with a whole text put in the search. It is recommendable to cite the name of the author to avoid unpleasant experiences. This is a suitable resource for students doing digital presentation.

Unsplash is another photo site offering high resolution photographs. They are quite frequently released and free to use. Just follow the `Download` button on the right bottom corner of the image and once the image appears in a new window you only need to save it with a right mouse click.

Fotor: A  free online photo editor where you can use the Edit, Collage or Design mode. You can also import your own photos and change them by using the variety of tools provided. Fotor is very similar to Photoshop since it offers a range of powerful tools for different effects and scenes, borders and many more.

Pixabay: In case you want to use videos apart from images Pixabay is the right choice. Interestingly attribution is not required on this site so that you may use any graphics without permission as it is a public domain. You only need to register to be able to upload or download material from the site.

Stockvault: Before you use this site make sure you carefully read the terms and conditions of using following the link.  It works similarly to Complight except that available categories are provided to ease the search.

Ownership of online photographs

Finding and using an appealing photo on the Internet may sometimes get you into real trouble. You need to ensure whether images may be legally used, otherwise you risk facing the severe copyright law which carries significant consequences. You are highly recommended that you read the regulations and make a difference between plagiarism and copyright infringement. You will go away with plagiarism if you write a disclaimer but it is not entirely safe and may not release you from copyright violation. The safest way to grab a picture from Google is to use public domains. There numerous images available as users are allowed to upload them and have agreed on sharing them publicly. In this case, you need to check the terms of use to see whether you should write a disclaimer and follow the instructions.

To sum up, we all understand the quote saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. Though, we should be aware that the possibilities we are offered in the cyber world with `like` `pin` and many other options along with the issues concerned are subject to alarming thoughts. Why not try to discover images by putting efforts and creating our own wok? Who knows, we can make a good photographer.

Do you want to know more? Take a look to this post about how to give attribution to images.


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