The Importance of Domain Age

Speaking of search engine optimization, beside the well-known factors that improve website’s ranking, Domain Age is a less common feature taken into account. Though, the role of this feature may considerably contribute to the overall ranking. Domain Age is the length of time that a website has been registered and active and gives trust to website visitors and to the search engines.

It is said that the longer you have the domain, the better its performance will be in the search engines. As a result, trusted websites have older domains which show they that offer quality content. Having a new domain brings suspicion among users as usually spam websites have a newly registered domain. This is why spammers have started looking for older domains to put their spam on. In other words, it is no longer true that old domains are trusted sites and new ones are less reliable. You can start your business on a fresh domain, your website may be legitimate, yet it may look like a spam to search engines. So, when it comes to checking the age of a domain it is necessary that you check their history too.

How is Domain Age used by Google to measure the ranking through algorithm?

It is believed that the first thing Google takes as important is the date of the domain`s registration. Then all the documents are validated and related to the registration date of the domain. Thus, the website has more chances to reach a higher rank for certain keywords using the Google search engine.

Another important outcome of using domain age by Google is to determine which site is legitimate and which is not. The explanation is that authentic website owners would pay for the domain for a longer period of time, maybe several years. Normally, if you are a quality content writer, for example and would like to establish a confident brand, you would choose to protect your business with a long term registration of your domain.  Contrary to this, illegitimate domain users would not spend their money on registration for longer time. They would rather watch for domain that is expiring and not taken care of. The main point here is that if you value your business and work really hard to get high ranking, you should consider having a legit domain registered in advance.

We can say that despite we may neglect the importance of Domain Age, it does matter. It is natural that  a lot of young domains will struggle in the competitive cyber world but being patient and waiting for the right time may be worthy at the end. There is not much difference between, let`s say a domain that is five months old and the one which is twice as much older. You may have less backlinks also which is normal, but as long as you are active on your domain age ultimately will definitely bring you benefits and find your way on the top of the ranking.

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