The Copywriter’s Handbook review

Robert Bly, author of The Copywriter’s Handbook, is a professional copywriter or publicity text writer.

He wrote the book with the goal of becoming a leading resource for all aspiring copywriters.  The book truly is valuable for the reader.

One of the first things that stands out about the author is that he is a great communicator, which allows him to get his message across in a clear and concise way.  It’s not another of the many typical books that give generalized advice that can be summed up in “Be confident in yourself.”  No, in this book, the reader learns true elements of professional writing through small explanations of theory followed by examples.  Furthermore, many of the examples include the author’s own commentary which adds interest for the reader.

That being said, it doesn’t work miracles either.  After reading the book, you won’t magically become the best copywriter in the world. You’ll simply have the base from which to improve.

What You’ll Find in The Copywriter’s Handbooks

In this book, you’ll find some of the beginning general chapters are quite interesting. They include topics such as:

  • How to write titles and capture the reader’s attention
  • How to write to communicate
  • How to write to sell

The book continues with more specific topics regarding text types from emails to printed advertisements.  Each and every chapter includes clear explanations and examples.

Additionally, there are some chapters about a copywriter’s work in which Bly explains how to get jobs and other details that are supplementary.

The true value in the book is the advice about how to write.  Maybe there are a few too many pages, as some seem to have been added to reach a more attractive content quantity.  However, this doesn’t mean that it’s not worthwhile.  The valuable content is certainly present, independently of the fact that it may be a bit stuffed in some sections.

This book won’t solve your life’s problems, but precisely for that reason, it’s a good book.  It will certainly help you improve in specific aspects of your writing life.

I am not compensated for writing this review. These are my opinions freely expressed in my desire to offer commentary on a well-known book in this industry.

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