The 5 Essential Tips To Have A Flourishing Career In Freelance Writing

Although there are other content writers who will try to compose full-time for an established online publishing site, not everyone will really make the jump into the world of freelance writing. It is a big risk to stop your current day job and attempt to bring home the bacon with your composition alone. It takes a considerable measure of advance planning. To become the best content writer and succeed on it you have to invest quality time, effort, patience, and a lot of hard work.

Here are five essential tips to have a successful career in freelance online writing.

  1. Compose and write it down immediately.

The moment you have built the idea, concept, or subject, write it down. No matter what sort of writing you want to do, create writing samples focused around it. In the event that you need to be a publicist, discover a poorly composed piece and modify it. If you want to become a short story writer, compose short story sample works. As an obscure writer without accreditations yet, you will regularly be requested samples of your work by your prospective clients. Keep writing, read, and edit until you polish your craft before having it published online.

  1. Secure your social media presence.

You may have a current Facebook page or a Twitter account for your personal use; however, you have to make new accounts that are solely for your freelance writing profession. Yes, you must make a totally new persona, your branding who simply has your name also. Build your account, upload professional looking profile picture, it is a must. You must also establish your online presence in the business community. Create an account on LinkedIn with “Professional Freelance Writer” as your official job title.

  1. Earn your first dollar and make it one of your first goals.

This may sound like the least difficult thing, yet you have to acquire that first dollar from your written work. You must earn that first dollar, or even have it framed, to serve as a humbling reminder of how you started; it can be a source of inspiration, and another way to build up your self confidence as a writer. One of the best places to start earning that first dollar is from crowd sourcing sites. They constantly require a high volume of articles with good topic and material contributed by new writers.

  1. Compose in your chosen niche.

If you need to do a specific type of writing, focus on what you are passionate about. If you like travel writing, write articles about travel or the top places of a country. If you are passionate about what you are doing, the readers will feel it, and it will show in every word or phrase that you write. This will eventually lead to more writing projects and help market your specialization and authority of the subject.

  1. Advertise your writing in your page.

This is the reason why it is essential to spend time establishing your social media and online presence. You have to promote each article that you compose on every social media service that you can discover. It needs to be out there with your name or your brand on it. It will not just help you earn revenue for your site but when readers type your name in any web search engine your work or your written articles will be the first results they will see.

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