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Are you a writer or copywriter looking for a job? You have a knack for words, and you want to turn your talent into a career. On the Internet, there are so many writing jobs out there that it’s a bit intimidating, and you wonder if it’s even worth it to look, or if the market is too saturated.

But have no fear. There’s a job out there for you that can pay your bills and then some. It all depends on what you’re looking for, though. Do you want to be a novelist, a journalist, or a bit of both? Is this your full-time job, or something on the side?

We’ll be looking at some of the best places to start your writing career that are great alternatives to more mainstream writing sites such as Upwork or Elance, where the competition can be a bit unfriendly towards newcomers. Let’s get started.

Journalism Jobs

If you’re an aspiring journalist, whether it’s for a magazine, paper, radio scripts, what have you, this site is amazing. is a giant classifieds for all things journalistic, from freelance to a full-time career. Using it is simple. Just search for what kind of job you’re looking for, and go by location. Read the job description, and follow the instructions on how to apply. Simple!


For those who are looking for jobs that are a bit bloggier, we have a site for you. is another classifieds site dedicated to those who are looking for someone to post on their blog, whether it’s a guest post or a full-time writer. Like with Journalism Jobs, you click on the job posting, read the description, and apply.

Freelance Writing

Since 1997, during the pioneer days of the Internet, has been a good tool for writers to find the writing job of their dreams. From fiction to journalism, there’s something in there for everyone. Just go to their “Jobs” tab and look around. They’re a linking site, so their postings will take you to a site not affiliated with them, so be aware.

Freelance Writer’s Den is a site for those who have a bit of experience and want to make it to the next level. Their site can land you more expensive jobs and there’s a community where writers help one another out.

However, it should be noted that there is a monthly fee, but the site gives you a week to refund if you’re not satisfied, for those who are skeptical about a site where you have to pay. Also, as of this posting, they’re not accepting new writers. However, you can sign up for a waiting list if you’re interested.

Freelance Writing Gigs keeps on the lookout for jobs that will interest you, updating their blog constantly with some of the best job offers out there. Sign up, and check it out.

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