Podcasting for freelance writing

The Podcast has become a very popular media with a wide range of use for different purposes. The term technically means a digital audio or video file, which is usually MP3 and is created to be downloadable on the Internet. Although it can come in other formats than MP3, generally you will be able to listen and watch any of them using the music/media player on your computer. In other words, broadcasting is the word used for audio-broadcasting on the Internet.

Podcasting is not the same as searching for an audio and simply downloading it. You need to subscribe to podcasts in a similar way you do with blogs and other websites. In fact, providing you already have your own blog or a web page, using this type of audio files is worthy as your readers will have the opportunity to listen or download new podcast as soon as they are available. This is possible if you have a podcast feed reading software such as iTunes. What is more, these audio pieces are easily transferrable to other audio devices.

How can freelance writers benefit from podcasting?

Podcasts boost your brand`s online visibility. They are not only commercials but rather broadcasts of information, education or entertainment, among the others. A dynamic, multi-personal piece of information, whether it is an interview or a discussion, appears more appealing to your readers than a one person podcast. Remember that the primary goal of podcasting is to promote in the case of freelance writing. You enable readers to subscribe and/or sign up and get updates on your business or activities.

Once you have become a podcaster, visitors to your page will have to opportunity to get closer to you and your stuff. You may be presenting an interesting topic which is easily accessible through the option embedded video, particularly with people who do not like very much to engage themselves in reading. You grab attention more quickly and including participants/speakers from different areas in your podcast may open new ways of cooperation for you. Also, since Google + was integrated with YouTube, you can connect your podcasts with YouTube channel without any hosting expenses. This can help you reach a whole new audience. Having influential people included in your multimedia file who share their expertise may boost your business so that you may feel free to contact them later on to consider other possible topics.

Having considered the basics about podcasting for freelance writers, it is no doubt that in future it will grow into a  new way to monetize your freelance  business in a more engaging and entertaining manner. So if you start thinking about how to approach visitors to your page who prefer listening to reading, you should get prepared with what you need to start podcasting. After you have outlined the idea of what you are going to record, you need the necessary equipment: a microphone and an audio recording software. When you have published, promoting begins and then you are ready to rave fans with your updates.

For now, I haven’t tried it. Have you? How is it working?

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