Mistakes that Freelancer Writers Should Avoid

work from home has its own threatsEven though the internet database helps us today to be as perfect as possible by just typing “how to”s, human error is something that cannot be prevented. Whether you are in the beginning of your freelance carrier or already a professional, you are bound to make mistakes. Still, by pointing out the most important once, you are less likely to make them.

  1. Underestimating yourself

Know your worth. There are millions of freelancer writers out there, which makes it harder for you to stand out, but offering quality comes with appreciating your own job. Charging too little or accepting dull job offers will just decrease the level of quality and your self-esteem as well. Take challenging jobs and take your time. Writing is a complicated process that sometimes requires you to go back to it many times. If you decide to offer discounts or special offers, use them wisely and ask something in return, as sharing links and promotion from your clients.

  1. Not Meeting the Deadline

The relationship you have with your client is based on trust. Not only your idea and its execution, but also the deadlines set. By missing the deadline you are creating a problem that leads to distrust. And once you do it once, it is easier to do it each following time. That is why it is important for you to understand the level of difficulty of a task. Give yourself more time if you need. A quality job requires more time and energy into it.

  1. Avoiding Instructions Given

You may have your own writing style, but often your clients will give you particular instructions that you may have not followed before. By avoiding instructions you not only miss a great opportunity to learn new techniques, but you also show disrespect and laziness to your client. As a freelance writer, you should make things easier for your client, and making them remind you continuously of their instructions is just making their life more complicated.

  1. Being unapproachable for your client

Don’t let your client chase you. Your job as a freelance writer is also to be able to deal with client correspondence, particularly by e-mail. If clients are sending you the same e-mail twice or constantly reminding you to respond, you need to improve. Do not ignore e-mails, they are not hard to respond and take less time than you think once you get the habit.

  1. Not taking criticism

No criticism is unworthy. You are providing a service to your client, so you should adjust to their requirements. Criticism is often hard to accept, but it is a great opportunity to learn as well as improve. If you think a client makes an unusual request, try to look outside the box and take it- you may be surprised.

Writing is a skill that requires constant practice. Thinking about your own writing and asking yourself questions as “Did I succeed in this?” “What should I change?” or “Did I make my client happy?” may give you a little headache but it is all worth it because they make you a better writer, one that everybody would want to hire.

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