How to Write reviews for affiliated products or services

If you do not know what affiliate marketing is start here.

If you already know ir, you will also know that it is very useful to enhance sales of goods or services.  The workflow is easy:

  1. You have a website about a topic related
  2. Join an affiliate program
  3. Place adverts
  4. You get revenues from the conversions (not from the clicks)

Then, the first step is get your own content about the products you want to promote.

In order to be able to write a good review you need to make a solid strategy and keeping in mind certain useful information.

Although the specifics may vary for different sites there are some standard requirements.

First of all, you need to be familiar with the product or service that you present. Convincing your readers that the product or service is really good because you used it yourself is not enough for them to spend their money. Describe how it functions and give reasons why people should buy it.

Using the keywords users will use when researching in Google searches is an imperative. Don’t think that success is easy. Profitable affiliate programs and keywords have a great competition. It is difficult to cope with the complicated search engine algorithms and it always take time and money.

Next, your content should be original. Offering a unique content with a possibility to engage users and leave comments is something that creates user-based signals of a frequently visited website on Google. If you do not allow users’ voices to be heard, they will soon leave your website.

In general, apart from the description of the product or service, you have to make an effort to show the user how easy is to get and use the product. Your objective is the reader visualizing themselves using the product or service. Also give additional information like, niche, about the founder, what id their goal and key challenge. Name the key stats.

3 methods for writing reviews

1. Stick to the facts

With this method, you basically avoid writing purposeless statements that aren’t relevant. You’re most likely to use this when writing product reviews for technology items, as readers will want to know about the specs and performance of new gadgets.

2. Talk about the benefits

You can feed the audience a list of benefits, noting all the good features about the products. I don’t recommend doing this, at least not for every single product you review. People won’t trust your reviews if all you have to say is good things.

3. Include a mixture of good and bad

Perhaps the best method is to include a mixture of good and bad points about products. This means including relevant information so that the readers actually know about everything they need to.

The writing tone

There isn’t really one set way to write product reviews. One of the keys is that you should write naturally so that you don’t sound too promotional or pushy; the trick is to guide your readers into buying the product. If you already have a writing style you use, it’s best to stick to that as much as possible so that nothing sounds too forced.

Furthermore, you should avoid using too much jargon and technical language, as this can be quite off-putting – the audience should connect with you as an ordinary person that uses the products in the same way they will.

Knowing the audience

As with any writing, it is important to know who you’re writing for. Of course, by writing in a particular product niche, you should already have a picture of what kind of demographic you’re aiming for.

Consider the age, gender, social status, interests and purchasing behaviour of potential customers. Your writing tone should be in line with the audience.

The content

Again, there isn’t one set way to write a good product review. However, most reviews contain some or all of the following:
• A headline
• Introduction to the product
• List of all the main features and specifications
• Two or three paragraphs on the key features
• Summary of costumer reviews and scores
• A paragraph on some of the negative aspects (which should still end on a positive note. Remember: You want people to buy the product!)
• An affiliate link to the product
• Brief conclusion that ties all the main points together.

You should try to keep the content ‘skimmable,’ which means using sub-headings, keeping your paragraphs short, and inserting keywords throughout the text. It could also be a good idea to use CTA phrases that will encourage users to take action and buy the product.

Writing about products you’ve never used

It’s probably not the best idea to write product reviews on a product you’ve never used. While you should be trying your hardest to only write about products you know about, you might sometimes find yourself being offered a sum of money that’s just too hard to turn down, and you might want to take the offer even though you’ve never used the product.

If you find yourself in this situation, it is possible to do it. All you need to do is trawl the internet searching for other people’s reviews and idea about the product, talk factually about the specs, and include an opinion on what you think the product might be like.

As I have said, it’s not recommendable to do this often, but it is possible if you know what to look for online.

The big mistakes: Why you shouldn’t give 5 stars

When writing affiliate reviews, it can be tempting to give the products a five-star rating. Since you want people to buy the product, you might think that throwing out five-star reviews is the way to achieve this. However, giving everything you rate a five-star review is quite suspicious, and it makes you look less trustworthy. Genuine product reviews are almost never five stars. Only give them if they deserve them.

In fact, eConsultancy found that bad reviews can increase your conversions by up to 67%. If you don’t like a product, that’s fine, you can still review it! You can give it a bad review and talk about why you didn’t like it. Just because you didn’t enjoy the product doesn’t mean other people won’t, so they might find that the reasons you hate it are the same reasons they want to buy it!

As long as your reviews are honest, informative, and relatable, people will buy the products regardless of how many stars you give.

I have a broad experience writing reviews for affiliate purpose. If you are looking a writer for affiliate reviews in Spanish do not hesitate to contact me.

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