How to use the “Four Ps” approach for copy writing

In order to not only attract by advertising, but also call your potential clients to action, writing is the core tool. If that is done without structure and coherence, there would be no understanding. The purpose of advertising is to sell a product or service. As there are numerous products and services offered nowadays, one needs a powerful and compelling copy in order to advertise successfully. For that reason, there are several written communication frameworks. One of the most popular has proven to be the Four Ps approach.

The four Ps of copywriting, stand for promise, picture, proof and push.

  1. Promise

The role of the promise is to catch attention the right way. How many times have we seen and ignored advertisements? That is because of either clichés, unnecessary information or failed attempts to promote the right thing the right way. A beneficial promise is made with a headline, the most important part, as if you do not attract your reader with your headline, you lost them already. Tell them you’re your product is going to do for them and how it will improve their lives in a few words. Quite demanding, isn’t it?

  1. Picture

As the name suggests, you have the role of a painter painting a picture for your client. The picture should be as specific as possible, and your point is to get your reader on an emotional level. Use descriptive language and storytelling, and make them dream about enjoying the benefit of what you are suggesting or promoting. All of us decide to buy based on emotion, and picture is all about catching the right emotion and lead it to the path of acceptance.

  1. Proof

Now it’s time for serious action. You got your reader’s attention, you communicated their emotion, and now you need to back up your promise with proof. Statistics, graphs, testimonials, case studies and other compelling data that will demonstrate that the promised benefits will be truly delivered. Now the focus is not just the emotional level, but is shifting to the rational, and that is the reason why the readers should reach full acceptance of your message.

  1. Push

This is the final element that makes action more likely, delivering an exceptional offer. Push is about the realization of your reader of the sense of your idea and their decision to act and buy. Now you are connecting the beneficial promise and the picture to acceptance and a particular action. Explain once again and in more detail, why your reader should do what you are asking. Your target should be fully understood and make sure that you also understand that your readers have understood. If you are still not completely sure, use bonuses, discounts and special offers as your last chance.

Having all the information they need, your readers are now motivated to take action. They have understood your message and have accepted your offer for a high-quality product. Many times people need to be presented to understand, to be educated in a friendly way by a compelling structure in order to see the things you see in your offer.

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