How to save money when working at home

One that choose to work at home job usually has less income that someone that do the same job in an office. This is understandable since when you work at home, you have much more freedom and flexibility.

Working at home is a great excuse to buy things that aren’t strictly necessary. Avoid unnecessary costs is the best way to save money when you are working at home.

For example, avoid buying unnecessary software. Before taking the decision to buy a software ask yourself, do I really need this? If you work a translator you likely need a translation software, in order to keep your translations accurate and be faster doing your tasks. It is different if you just do some little translation as a complement of you income. In this case, you can survive without paying the high fees of a translator software. These softwares need a minimium volume of work to be worth. So don’t buy it too quickly. You will know when you really need it.

Heating and air conditioning. To be productive you need a room with a nice temperature, but this doesn’t mean that you need a fixed 20ºC every second. Don’t use the excuse that you are working to spend more than the necessary in the heater. You need to keep it nice and avoid sweating a lot or get a cold, but ask yourself would I have the heater on right now if I was in an office?

Lastly, avoid to eat sweets and snacks when working. First this is good for your health, second this healthy food is usually cheaper. If you need to eat something do a little break and eat. But don’t eat meanwhile you are working because this is a compulsive behaviour that will make you spend a lot of money in bad feeding habits.

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