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You need someone to write your dream novel, or someone to put your website together. Hiring a freelancer can be a great way to do that, but how do you go by getting the one who is the right fit?
First, make sure that your contractor read the job post in full. This can be done by having them put a certain word in the subject line, or asking a few questions that must be answered in the cover letter. This will filter out those who send out spam letters.
Second, ask them to provide samples. Looking at work samples can make all of the difference in deciding if the contractor is the right fit. However, if they don’t have any samples, don’t dismiss them just yet. There are plenty of people who have potential to do great work, but don’t have the experience needed. In that case, ask them to create a sample and see what they can do.
Third, look at their feedback at their profile. If they’ve garnered nothing but praise from similar clients, then you can almost be guaranteed for quality. If they’ve received negative feedback, hit that decline button and look at the next candidate. Tread lightly if the client has received mixed reviews.
Finally, don’t be afraid to increase your budget. The good thing about freelancing is that you can get the job done without shelling too much, but sometimes you get what you pay for. By paying peanuts, you might miss your ideal candidate. Put yourself in their shoes and realize that they might be doing it for a living. So if you want great story or an eye-popping website, you shouldn’t say your price is non-negotiable.
Finding the right contractor can make all the difference. By following these guidelines, you’re guaranteed to get the perfect fit.

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