How To Go On Holidays Without Losing Clients

Freelance: Don't lose client while you are in holidays
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Most freelance writers would agree with me that get a new client takes an important amount of time and effort. Problem comes when you want to take some free days and you fear that your clients will look for someone else to continue your work. Let’s see how to avoid this situation.

My advice it to inform your client with time. One could think that if you don’t tell them that you are going to take some holidays they won’t look for another worker. Well this is true, but of course when they need a text while you are on holidays they will ask you to write it. And, as soon as the notice you won’t they will start to look for another freelance writer. So, the only thing you are achieving with this behavior is to make your client life more difficult, which doesn’t seem very clever.

On the other hand, if you notify them with time enough to look for an alternative, they will notice that you are a reliable worker that has their interests into consideration.

Now that you have decided to notify them, you can offer an alternative to work more before your holidays to cover they content needs. If they are happy with your work, I am sure they will think that is worth to do an extra effort in planning, in order to let you write their content to be published in your holiday period.

Think that for a client find and hiring a new freelancer has a cost. They don’t know how the new one will perform, they need to invest time giving instructions that someone that is currently working for them already knows, and they need to do the search and selection. All these takes time, so it is likely that plan a little more ahead so you can write their content will be a reasonable effort for them.

However, there re some situations in which something unexpected happen and a client need a text done in a short time whilst you are on holidays. In this situation you can give them the contact of any writer that you know performs well. Yes there is a risk to lose the client, but the risk will be always there and with this behavior you are getting your client gratitude and the other freelance also can suggest your services to their clients when he is about to go on holidays.


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