How to create a long term relationship with a client

A long term relationship with a client is a real treasure, because have a more or less fixed amount of work is always welcomed when you are a freelance writer and also because when you work for someone for a long time, you know what he likes, how he likes it and in short you work more efficiently.

How to get a long term client as freelance writer

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There is something obvious, if your client doesn’t need regular content, he won’t need a long term relationship with you. But sometimes clients that really need regular content don’t know it. Let know your client what a good content can do for him, maybe he just doesn’t know that regular updates are good for SEO, or that copy content is the best way to go to the bottom of Google.

Anyway, most clients know that content is important, so this first tip only works when you see that your client is not very well versed about how internet works. In case he knows the basics about internet you can try the following.

First, show your client that you are available for his needs. Sometimes people doesn’t ask for more job because think that you are too busy.

Second, be trustworthy. Even if this means that you have to say no to a task that you can’t do properly. It is better show a client that if you take the job you will deliver a high quality work, than take all the jobs and provide a bad result.

Third, let your client know supplementary services that you can give. For example, if you are proofreading, you likely are able to write too. If you are writing, maybe you know how to create cool infographics.

Fourth, don’t be aggressive. It is ok to show what you can do, but you don’t have to spam your clients. Don’t offer services each time you send a message to them. Do it when you see that you can give a real value to the services you are currently giving.

Fifth, get involved in your client’s project. Sometimes you are asked for a text and your client shows his website to you have a better idea where it will be published. Imagine you see that this website is lacking something important. Let your client know. Maybe you can suggest them to hire a graphic designer, and maybe you can’t do that service, but it will show to your client that you are a good person to run his site.

There is another important thing to take into consideration. There are people too sensitive that when you give a suggestion like improve this or that, can feel it as a critic. You have to play with that. Try to don’t sound offensive at all, say these things as a way to improve and always be careful.

To conclude always keep in mind that providing a high quality work is the best way to develop a long term relationship. Looking for freelancers is boring and requires time, so if you are a very good one, your clients will ask you the first when need something.

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