How to be hired to work at home

tips to get hired and work at home
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The main problem of all kind of workers is to find a job. Freelancers are not exception.

This post is about a situation in which your client doesn’t know you. If you have done a previous work, being hired again should be much easier. I will discuss about extend a relationship with a client in other future post.

Let’s take a look to some tips to increase your possibilities to be hired for the first time.


1. Be visible.

Of course this is the omnipresent need. You want to sell oranges, you need to be in the best commercial street and in the first position in Google, you want to sell clothes, you need to be in a commercial street and in the first position in Google; you want to sell your services you need….well at least you can work at home, but you need to be in the first position in Google.

Sadly be in the first position in Google requires lot of money, so try to be visible in freelance platforms related with your job.

2. Think as your clients do.

Ok, you have done it!

There is someone looking at your site and now this person has lot of doubts about if you are the accurate person to hire.

Try to put yourself in your future client shoes. What would you look for? Experience? Testimonials? Kind person?

It is a great idea hiring someone to check this. If, for example, you need a website, look for someone to do your website in a similar way that your client will look for you. What things do you look at?

I hired someone to do a task with this website and while I was looking for the right person, I learn a lot about the process to hire.

If you are going to use a freelance platform, then try to hire someone through it.

3. Give all the information you can, including price of course.

Give all the information your client could need. As your client can’t see you, you need to be more transparent than if you were physically there.

Sometimes you will get propositions as “hey I need my website text, how much does it cost”.

Then ask for more information. Keep in mind that is better loose a client because you are asking too much, than loose it after almost all is done and a unexpected issue appears.

4. Answer as quick as possible.

Again, as your client is not able to go to your office to ask for things, you need to show that you will be there at any time (in your work hours).

If you don’t answer messages promptly, your clients will think that you won’t answer them when they need something related to the job, so they will prefer anybody else, that is ready to keep communication fluent.

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